4 ways Courier Service is Better than Traditional Postal Service

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It is more than often that someone or maybe you will mistakenly confuse a postal service company with a courier service company. While we completely understand the mere confusion between these two there are many differences between both the services. Well, to discuss that we will forest need to understand what is a courier service company.

A company that provides services of delivering couriers in London mainly deals with shipping parcels and essential documents from one place to another. The services differ from package to package based on its kind and its delivery destination. Some packages are just meant to be delivered within a certain locality, region, or at times town. But some are meanest to be delivered to far distances like the borders of the same country or sometimes internationally.

Different types of courier services provided by a delivery company

  • Time-sensitive shipping – In this type of delivery service, the time frame of delivering the package is already assigned as and when you ship the package. So, that automatically strikes the possibility of international delivery from the list but can be very helpful when you are delivering something within a certain locality or town. But that is not the end, this category is further divided into two broad divisions that are same-day delivery and next-day delivery. The first kind is used in case of emergency deliveries when even tomorrow seems like too long of a wait. Although this kind of delivery is not accessible from every place it can definitely give a good competitive edge to small-scale businesses. The latter is mostly used by individuals while they shop from online stores and don’t want to deal with the hassle of traveling to nearby stores or shopping malls.     
  • Onboard courier – This kind of delivery is ideal for items that require some extra care and attention or is used in the case of delivering items that are highly confidential. The service-providing company gives you assurance and makes sure that the package never leaves the sight of the courier and special attention is given to the whole process of shipping and delivery. This service can’t be given by all companies and there are only a few delivery company in London that has the skills and experience of ensuring smooth delivery of all goods.
  • Intelligent routing – Just like the previous one, delivering this kind of service also requires years of field experience and skills. What is done in this type of delivery is that the delivery company chooses the best route for the delivery of the package after considering all possible routes based on the custom factor, weather conditions, and geographical barriers. The need for excellent skills and experience is a big reason why most companies don’t even offer this type of delivery service but if they can do it right then it can result in bringing in a lot of business.
  • International shipping – It can be understood pretty easily but if we still have to explain then this delivery service is provided by couriers in London on a global and broader scale. Although this type of courier service is definitely more expensive than others it gives you the ability to use and access anything from even the furthest part of the world that can be delivered to you while you sit in the comfort of your home. But the good thing is just like all other types of delivery services the pricing of this too differs based on the distance and delivery speed of the package, quite naturally if you choose to opt for a super fast delivery then you will have to pay more money than usual. 

Ways in which couriers in London is better than a traditional postal service

  • Pricing – Traditional postal services can be less expensive than courier services but it also invites chances of delay, missing items, or damaged items. So if you want to deliver your desired package to its destination with ease without damaging the quality of the package then spending those extra bucks might help you a lot in the long way.
  • Trackability – Most traditional postal companies won’t even give you the ability to track your package and know its whereabouts may whatever money you pay. But that is not the same in the case of couriers in London as they help you track your package without even paying any extra money.
  • Quality of service – When you opt to use the services of a courier service company, you automatically sign up for excellent customer service as to them keeping their customers happy and satisfied is their top priority. But the same can’t be said in the case of traditional postal services as there can even be instances of missing packages and damaged packages. 
  • Fewer to no restrictions – We understand that there can be some limitations to delivering packages through courier service but it still gives you the ability to deliver more or less anything starting from a hairpin to a fridge. But when it comes to traditional postal service, you will notice that more than often there will be more than one restriction. The truth is traditional postal companies lack to have the skills and technology of delivering packages with ease which can be spotted pretty easily when it comes to a delivery company in London.   

Final thoughts

If you want to deliver your precious package to its desired destination with ease without damaging its quality then courier services might just be the best thing for you. This service not only guarantees excellent service but also helps you in tracking your package at every point of transit.

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