5 Best Improvements In WWE 2K23


WWE 2K23 makes some great improvements to the game that came before it. Here are the five best changes.

WWE 2K23 had a lot of high expectations. This was mostly because its predecessor, WWE 2K22, came out after a year-long break from the series and made real improvements that made the game better for players all around. The WWE 2K series has had a rough history, with fans of the games, wrestling fans, and reviewers all criticizing the first few games. WWE 2K23 continues where 2K22 ended.

WWE 2K23 is one of the best wrestling games to come out in recent years. It has a great roster of wrestlers, high-quality graphics and visuals, and a lot of different game modes that can keep players busy for hours. 2K23 has a lot to offer, from small changes to the way things work to whole new game modes. Here are the best changes.

A Revamped Showcase Mode

Showcase mode has always been a big part of the WWE 2K games, but it has never been well liked by most people. Even though the idea behind the game mode is interesting, it hasn’t always been well done. It was boring to play as the same wrestler over and over again, and the goals to move through a match were also boring.

Showcase mode in 2K23 is a little different, and that’s a good thing. In the Showcase mode, John Cena is the main character, but players can also play as Brock Lesnar or Triple H, two of his famous opponents from the past. Even though a lot of the problems are still there and the creativity doesn’t go much further than “this time the player plays as the opponents,” it is still a welcome change that makes the mode feel a lot better.


Wargames is a new game in the series. It has a 3v3 or 4v4 multiplayer battle mode. Similar to Elimination Chamber, players in Wargames are kept in cages and brought into the arena at different times. When everyone is in the arena, the Wargames start.

This game mode is a fast-paced cage match that is fun to play against the computer, with friends, or online. Wargames take place in a steel cage and give players a lot of ways to use weapons. Also, how often players are let out of their cages depends on how well they do in the game, which can lead to fun and different situations. Overall, this has to be one of the best additions to the series, and the number of game modes is much better than in 2K22.

MyGM Mode Changes

Even though MyGM isn’t exactly Football Manager for wrestling, it still has everything a management simulation mode should have. MyGM was good in 2K22, but it’s much better in 2K23. Small changes have been made all over the mode, making it much more interesting, fun, and easy to play through.

Players can talk to a brand-new assistant GM who gives them almost everything they need to book the whole show. This got rid of the need to go back and look at each wrestler’s demands and so on. Also, players now have a bigger goal than just winning the Battle of the Brands. The new goal is to get into the Hall of Fame. Players have four seasons to do this, while in WWE 2K22 they only had a few months.

MyGM Mode New Content

This new Slope Game makes it clear that the MyGM in 2K22 was pretty basic. Players now have a lot more freedom to book their shows however they want; there’s a lot more to do and a lot of ways to do it. One clear example is that championships like the Intercontinental and United States Championships can now have mid-card title matches. Players can also choose from more match types and general managers, like Stephanie McMahon and Xavier Woods, for their show.

Overall, WWE 2K23 has made progress in MyGM mode. Compared to the last game, there is a lot more content, and most of it is a good thing.

New And Improved MyRise

MyRise has been an important part of 2K’s WWE games for a while now, and 2K23 has made more progress toward making it a full and fun game mode. In the story mode of MyRise, a custom character made by the player climbs through the ranks of the WWE. The most important thing about this game that wasn’t in the previous ones is that any custom character a player makes can now be used for MyRise. Before, a character had to be made just for this mode.

Aside from that, the mode follows the same pattern of giving the player two different stories to follow. These now have a better story, better graphics and visuals, and a more interesting way to play through the story. The mode also doesn’t feel as repetitive and stands out as a highlight of the game.

WWE 2K23 is now available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4.

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