7 Tips for renovating the balcony

7 Tips for renovating the balcony

Renovating the balcony is a task that often accompanies the change of seasons, as people eagerly anticipate enjoying outdoor spaces with the arrival of warmer weather. As the sun emerges, drawing people outdoors to bask in its rays, there is an undeniable sense of excitement and anticipation. However, this initial enthusiasm can quickly give way to dissatisfaction as the heat becomes unbearable, prompting thoughts of longing for cooler temperatures. Indeed, it seems that human nature is inherently driven by a perpetual cycle of discontentment, where the grass always appears greener on the other side. Hand in hand with the sentiment of “I prefer the cold when you wrap yourself up and that’s it,” emerges the desire for warmth and the anticipation of making the most out of one’s balcony or terrace. In this article, we’ll explore seven tips to renovate the balcony, ensuring that it becomes a cherished space for relaxation and enjoyment throughout the seasons.

Let the air flow: tuning up balconies and terraces

While it is true that not all homes can enjoy balconies, terraces, patios and gardens, those who treasure something similar also have the moral responsibility to keep it in the best conditions to enjoy it. With a few basic guidelines, in a matter of hours you will turn your space into a small oasis and a refuge for summer nights . And remember: if the space in your house has a railing, it is already considered a balcony, at least, so let’s take a look at it to show it off in its maximum splendor.

1. Get rid of what you don’t need

Cleanliness and order: two of our unquestionable favorites. An outdoor space gets dirty and deteriorates more easily. First of all, give your terrace a good once-over by cleaning the floors and walls. If during the colder seasons you have converted the terrace and balcony into a small storage room, it is time to start tiding up. Don’t let empty flower pots and toys pile up collecting dust. If there is something that you no longer use, think about whether you can give it a new life or if it is better to donate it and even sell it.

2. Paint without stopping

To renew your balcony you can focus on continuing the decoration established in the living room or the room that precedes it, but you can also create a completely new space. Whitewashed walls can reign supreme and transform the outdoor space into a Mediterranean corner with blue and tiles the norm. You can also find good ideas in earth colors mixed with bright tones that evoke the contrasts of the desert. Or tones more focused on greens as synonymous with freshness.

Remember: if your space is rather small, opt for plain, light colors to give the impression of spaciousness. If it also provides more shade than sun, light colors add luminosity.

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3. Change the soil

Changing the floor or decorating it is an option that usually gives very good results. And we are not talking about doing work. Use all the possibilities to renew your balcony or terrace offered by the base materials you already have and decorate on them. Of course, keep in mind that, being outdoors , not everything goes. Depending on the installation technique, you can use tile, stoneware or a cement-type finish.

If your space is large, and you have decided on a small renovation, concrete is a long-lasting possibility with an urban and minimalist finish. If you want a wood finish, the synthetic options of this material are very resistant and require minimal maintenance. Always keep in mind not to cover the water evacuation routes.

4. Furniture that we already have

Renewing the furniture on the terrace, no matter how scarce, is an instant facelift. Go ahead and paint with bright colors to bring tables and chairs to life, or try different types of paint to give the classic vintage touch that always fits. Also make sure to give an adequate finish that makes them more resistant to inclement weather. Renewing your own furniture is an exercise in personal satisfaction and, no matter how much headache it gives you in between, it always makes you feel self-sufficient and handy.

5. Textiles

With very little, they achieve a lot. Changing worn chair covers, adding a table runner, rugs, vertical decoration, fabric with a second life… they will add color or create a uniform environment around a concept and color, if you prefer. They are accessible, economical and will make you breathe the sensation of new air on your balcony or terrace.

6. Lattices and other accessories

Trellises are available in different sizes and materials and will add not only extra space for decoration, lights or your plants; also an extra bit of privacy, whether on an excessively low wall or around the entire terrace.

Dare to include hammocks and other accessories such as swings made of the same material. They are a distinctive feature for any terrace and can turn your space into a special corner for you every afternoon.

7. Lighting for balconies and terraces

Balconies and terraces require discreet lighting, generally with LED lights to create atmosphere. Garlands fulfill a double decorative and functional function that takes on special prominence outdoors. You have a wide selection of shapes to find the one that best fits the design of your balcony or terrace. Take advantage of corners and structural elements to place them, especially if you don’t have a roof.

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As an option, wall lights and lanterns give a different decorative touch and can be an excellent option to close the style you want to give to the space. Let it be known that some candles don’t hurt either.

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