A-List of the Most Helpful Asthma Apps

A scope of cell phone applications is as of now accessible to oversee asthma. Some give schooling about dealing with your condition, while others capability as diaries where you can record information about your prescription use and asthma side effects.

There are likewise applications that interface with your inhaler (or accompany a unique “brilliant” inhaler) by means of Bluetooth innovation. These gadgets consequently gather information about how you are utilizing your prescription that you can provide for your primary care physician.

Here is a concise outline of a portion of the choices that are accessible. You and your PCP can choose which application will be the most accommodating to you in dealing with your asthma.

Intuitive Apps

Intelligent applications associate with sensors in your inhaler through Bluetooth innovation or can be associated with different gadgets. You may likewise have the option to keep extra data in the application. These applications might incorporate elements that permit information to be effortlessly moved to your medical care supplier.


Propeller utilizes a computerized sensor that snaps onto your asthma inhaler. It works with numerous asthma prescriptions.

The sensor interfaces with the Propeller application utilizing Bluetooth. At the point when you utilize your inhaler, the application naturally records specific data, for example, the amount of the medicine you utilized, when you utilized it, and where you utilized it.

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Propeller is FDA endorsed for both asthma and COPD. You can pursue the application and get the sensors on the web.


Hailie makes sensors for a scope of inhalers available including Advair Diskus, Symbicort Turbuhaler, ProAir HFA, and more.

The sensors track your medicine use and make charts from that information which can be imparted to your medical services supplier. You can utilize the application to remind yourself to utilize your medicine.


The principal focal point of the KagenAir application is to recognize natural triggers for your asthma or sensitivity side effects, like climate and air quality.

The application utilizes climate forecasts and has you answer inquiries regarding your side effects. With this information, it creates a three-day gauge for sensitivity and asthma side effects.

KagenAir likewise has highlights that permit you to interface with a medical care proficient through the application and find close by drug stores.

Independent Apps

Independent applications for the most part don’t interface with your inhaler or record information other than whatever you add physically.

Asthma Storylines

Asthma Storylines is a journal like application that permits you to enter information about your side effects and other data. It additionally allows you to record questions that you have for your primary care physician and set updates about your drugs.

Notwithstanding the cell phone application, there is a Web-based rendition that is open by means of work area or PC.


The application utilizes the data that you add to make simple to-understand diagrams, and you can tweak the application to follow beat oximetry or FEV1.

You likewise have the choice of safely imparting your data to specialists who are utilizing the information to distinguish asthma patterns

Which App Is Best?

The application that is best for you will rely upon various elements, including what you are wanting to accomplish by utilizing one — for instance, you may be attempting to recognize your asthma sets off or further develop your drug use.

Converse with your medical services supplier about the asthma applications that are accessible. You could find that utilizing more than one application is the best methodology for dealing with your asthma.

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