Android Monitoring Software to Safeguard Your Child’s Privacy Online

Children are exposed to technology at an earlier age than ever before in the modern digital era. Technology can harm innocent brains even if it can provide many advantages and educational opportunities. Due to their sensitivity and vulnerability, children are particularly susceptible to the negative impacts of unsuitable content and online dangers. Understanding how technology affects kids will help parents maintain their children’s innocence and assure their safety in the digital age.

One way to keep up with the kid’s online privacy and concern is to be well-informed about every online activity. I know it may sound impossible to many, as kids these days are more private, and they don’t want adults in their private space. Online media or cyberspace is the most private thing they own. But don’t worry; we have a solution for you. Hidden Monitoring apps or parental control can be used as a gadget monitoring tool for children. OgyMogy, for example, offers android Monitoring software and a phone monitoring system. It can be a greatly helpful addition to the lives of the parents. Here is a detailed overview of some risks associated with the child’s online privacy and the benefit of using android Monitoring software as parental control.

Major Risks Associated With Child Online Privacy

According to a 2021 study, more than 42% of kids own a personal cell phone by the age of 10. The figure gets high by age 12, and this is 91% by age 14. There is a long list of risks associated with smart gadgets and technology usage by children, some of which are as follows.

  • Children who get addicted to Android gadgets and screens spend more than usual time with gadgets, which can harm their mental and physical health.
  • Kids usually have no specific knowledge of privacy settings on the platform. They are all interested in information like how many followers they have and how they can improve the number. A little mistake or carelessness in the privacy setting can harm the child’s privacy.
  • Kids these days have weird habits. They share personal information or sensitive content on public platforms. They consider all their online friends and company as real and honest and are not usually suspicious of anyone. This type of behavior can bring harm not only to them but also to their family.
  • Most of the time, hackers attack most simply. It can be an invasion in the form of simple text or a link to a video or game. A single click on the link and all the data of the target gadget can be transferred to the attacker.

Benefits Of Using Android Monitoring Software:

A Monitoring app like the OgyMogy offers outstanding monitoring features that can be used to secure the online privacy of kids. The major ones are as follows.

  • OgyMogy Monitoring app comes with a screen monitoring feature. Even parents are given the remote power to jump onto the target screen at any given time. It can make things easier and smooth for parents to check all the online activities of their kids. Know how much time they spend on web-based services and what type of content is usually visited by the kids.
  • Keep a strict check on the privacy settings of the kid’s accounts and grades. With OgyMogy, it is a very easy and simple keystroke logging feature, for example, offers excellent services that keep a record of all the keypad activities. It makes it easier for parents to track the account details and passwords of their kid’s accounts and devices. Know if they have weak social media or email account passwords and guide them accordingly.
  • All the major social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Telegram, and more can be monitored easily with the help of the OgyMogy Monitoring app. Find out what type of content they usually post on the public platform and stop them from sharing personal or sensitive content with strangers.
  • Complete monitoring location sharing, for example, using a Snap map, can be monitored secretly with the help of Android Monitoring software.
  • Complete access to the text log, call log, emails, and even the attachment history is possible with a good Monitoring app like the OgyMogy.

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