Best VR Story Games You Must Play

VR Story Games

Virtual reality games have given the gaming world a new turn. It is amazing how you can interact with the characters as if you are a part of the game. With the spread of VR fever, storytelling has also become an important aspect of these games.

There are different VR story games that you can play while enjoying the narrative. Examples include John Wick Chronicles, Lone Echo, and A Fisherman’s Tale. All these games tell a different bone-chilling, hair-raising story that you will cherish.

If you are a fan of fiction and virtual reality games, keep reading the article. It will shed light on the best VR story games you must play.

Top 5 VR Story Games of All Time

Our brain is wired in a way that it loves fiction more than reality. That is why people take delight in playing VR games with storytelling features. Virtual reality games like A Fisherman’s Tale, The Great C, and Zombie Survival embody this amazing combination. Let’s have a look at the top five VR story games of all time:

John Wick Chronicles

Almost everyone has watched the famous John Wick series. There is good news for this movie’s lovers. You can now play a VR game and play the role of your adored hero. John Wick Chronicles is one of the best VR story games you must play.

The world-known assassin John Wick is living a peaceful life after retiring from his previous life. An unfortunate turn of events occurs when a gang of criminals steals his favorite car and kills his adored dog. Now, driven by the emotions of revenge, he has to track down the criminals and wreak havoc on them.

This amazing game offers you a chance to explore the world-renowned Continental Hotel and use all the weapons that John Wick owns. Playing the game in a suitable environment can double to joy. John Wick’s fans book play DXB tickets to appreciate this thrilling VR game.

Lone Echo

Lone Echo is a VR game with a prominent name that tells a story. Set in deep space in the year 2126, it took gamers by storm soon after release due to its thrilling plot and amazing gameplay.

In Lone Echo, you will play the role of the main character named Jack. He is not a human but an avant-garde android robot who has to investigate a looming danger during a spatial anomaly.

Can he solve the puzzle behind the current space disruption? Will he be able to save his master from the looming danger? To answer these questions, you will have to play the game. In fact, you will be the one who can achieve these milestones.

A Fisherman’s Tale

If you are an introvert and adventurous person, A Fisherman’s Tale is created for you. In this game, you can be a lone warrior who has to survive a storm while combating a hostile atmosphere. This is among the top five VR story games of all time.

Bob, a middle-aged, bearded fisherman, is enjoying his alone life in a lighthouse. One day, he listens to a radio broadcast warning about an approaching storm. He has to leave his tiny cabin in haste, get to the top, and turn the lights on. But Bob faces a whole new world of challenges and obstacles after leaving the cabin.

There is a big question of whether he will be able to overcome these difficulties by defying the laws of physics. There is also one more problem. He is not well-equipped to turn the tables in his favor. Can you help Bob?

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The Great C

Are you a fan of urban legends? Then you will love playing The Great C. This game’s storyline is driven by a thrilling concept, which is why it is one of the top five VR story games of all time.

The main role in the game is played by a young girl, Clare. She lives in a village where, each year, the villagers have to sacrifice a girl to please a horrifying machine. One year, the machine summons Clare’s fiancé to sacrifice her.

Now, the brave girl decides not to become a victim of this sinister ritual. She embarks on a dangerous but adventurous journey to combat the machine. You can book your play DXB tickets to save Clare from the blood-thirsty creature.

Zombie Survival

If you are fascinated by zombie outbreak movies, Zombie Survival can offer you a thrilling adventure. This amazing VR game revolves around an apocalypse after a zombie attack. Due to its incredible narrative and gameplay, this game is one of the best VR story games you must try.

This game is not different from enthralling zombie movies. Soon after entering the plot, you find yourself surrounded by a hoard of zombies wanting to rip you apart. You will have to fight for your survival.

Zombie Survival provides you with all the necessary equipment and weapons to defend yourself against these beasts. This game is highly captivating that will keep you alert from the beginning.


VR story games are among the most interesting games you might have ever played. These games, such as the ones mentioned above, take you to a whole new world. If you want to treat yourself, book your ticket from a reliable online platform now.

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