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Getting a CISM certification is a sort of great pleasure. You can say it is a great accomplishment in your IT career. Only a few IT professionals get a chance to appear on this exam. It boosts your career not only at the social level but also on the worldwide level. It is estimated that there are 23000 CISM professionals who have taken this certification. This certification is a really sorted certification that only a few can get hold of. The certified CISM professionals are guaranteed to have a dream job in the information system security management in any organization. CISM is a difficult certification to complete. It is very difficult to secure potential candidates. 

If you are planning to go for this CISM certification, then you must follow some sort of requirements. Let’s move into the detailed structure of the certification.

  • Pass the examination= when you go for the examination, it is solely your choice to pass the examination. In the CISM certification, the course covers four main domains. They are 
  • Information security governance= it comprises 24 % of the course. It is mainly done for the candidates to establish a proper framework. In this, you learn to maintain and manage the information regarding security. The candidate here also learns about all the supporting processes that are required for the security strategies. 
  • Information risk management = it comprises 30 % of the course. Here the aspirants must learn about managing the risk that is related to information security. It mainly focuses on organizational goals and deals with the company’s objectives. This comprises a large part of the exam. So the candidate must look seriously into this matter.
  • Information security program development and management = it covers around 27% of the courses. It helps the candidates to learn about information security. It helps in managing and protecting the organization’s security. Here the candidate must learn about maintaining the goals and strategy for the organization.
  • Information security incident management = it covers mostly 19 % of the courses. It focuses mainly on planning, establishing, and managing the goals in the companies. It helps in detecting and investigating the security threats that can come under the organization.
  • Complying with the code of professional ethics= it’s very important to follow the professional ethics in the CISM certification professional. This will help in guiding the candidates in both personal and professional conduct. Here the candidate will ensure the full power of control, security, and risk management. It ensures the candidate must perform their duties in full swing in professional standards. Privacy and confidentiality must always be observed at all times. Any increase in candidate profile should be maintained in well mannered. The candidates must empower users who are present within the organization. Following all these ethics will definitely help a candidate to prosper in this professional field.
  • The CPE programme= CPE means continued professional education policy. It is to ensure that the CISM qualified must keep their knowledge updated in possible means. This will help in ensuring that they are well versed with the new trends that are in the security fields. This will make the competency in between the CISM professional. Through this process, the professionals will get proficiency in their knowledge. The CISM candidate must pay the maintenance fees and must keep the 20 contact hours for getting the CPE certification.
  • Work experience= here comes the essential part. The candidate needs to submit their data experience evidence to the website. They need to have a minimum of five in the field of information security. They also need to have three years in the field of job practice analysis areas. All these work experiences must be gained within a period of 10 years.
  • Submission of the application= finally, you need to submit the CISM application to the ISACA. This process can only be done when you get the pass information from the exam. After passing the examination, you need to do all the necessary work. There are three ways through which you can get your application submitted.

 There are lots of things you can do to get a CISM certification. It is worth spending time and money on it. The CISM certification from Sprintzeal will help you to shine in your career and help you to get your dream job.

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