Complete Manual for Acquiring a New Zealand Tourist Visa

Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining a New Zealand Tourist Visa

A New Zealand Tourist visa opens the door to exploring the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of this island nation. With its emphasis on safety, breathtaking scenery, and culinary delights, New Zealand offers a memorable holiday experience. Here’s everything you need to know to obtain your New Zealand Tourist visa.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for a New Zealand Tourist visa, applicants must meet the following criteria :

– Good character

– Good health

– Ability to pay for healthcare

– Authentic desire to temporarily visit New Zealand

– Sufficient funds or a sponsor to cover expenses

– Ticket for onward travel unless sponsored

– Sponsorship : Individuals eligible to sponsor an applicant include New Zealand citizens, residents, refuges, registered companies, government agencies, or community organizations (for refugees).

Required Documents

Applicants need to prepare the following documents for their New Zealand Tourist visa application :

1. Valid Passport : A valid passport is necessary. If applying in person, the original passport is required; if applying online, a copy is necessary.

2. Photo : Submit one photo online or two acceptable photos in-person, adhering to New Zealand’s photo requirements.

3. Proof of Genuine Visitor : Provide evidence of travel history, intentions to return home, and any prior visa rejections.

4. Health Declaration : Assure willingness to cover medical expenses while in New Zealand.

5. Financial Proof : Demonstrate sufficient funds for return travel or sponsorship support.

6. Relationship Proof : If bringing family members, submit documentation of relationships and financial dependency.

7. Police Certificate : Required if staying in New Zealand for over 24 months, confirming good character.

8. Health Documentation : Chest x-ray or medical examination may be necessary for extended stays or specific visa types.

Application Process

In-Person Application :

– Complete the paper application form available on the New Zealand Immigration website.

– Schedule an appointment at the closest visa application center.

– Attend the appointment, submit the form and required documents, and pay the fees.

Online Application :

– Register an account on the Immigration New Zealand website using RealMe.

– Complete the online application, upload documents, and pay fees.

– Once submitted, await notification of eVisa issuance.

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Fees and Processing Time

The application fees range from NZD $170 to $245 for online applications and NZD $230 to $390 for in-person applications. The processing time is typically 51 days, with 90% of applications processed within this timeframe.

Visa Duration and Conditions

A New Zealand Tourist visa is valid for 18 months, allowing a stay of up to nine months within this period. Conditions include :

– Applying for entry permission at the New Zealand border.

– Valid multiple-entry travel condition for re-entry.

– Prohibition on working in New Zealand.

– Permission to study for up to three months within a year.

– Compliance with financial support and onward travel requirements.

Additional Information

– Permanent Residency: A Tourist visa does not lead to permanent residency. Applicants must apply for a Resident visa separately.

– Employment: Working in New Zealand requires a specific Work visa.

– Education: Short-term study up to three months is allowed; longer durations require a Student visa.

– Family Sponsorship: Partners and dependent children can accompany the visa holder.


Obtaining a New Zealand Tourist visa provides an opportunity to explore the country’s natural wonders and vibrant culture. By meeting eligibility criteria, preparing required documents, and following the application process, travelers can embark on a memorable journey to New Zealand.

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