Conquering the Enterprise SEO Beast: Common Issues and Solutions

Enterprise SEO can feel like a mythical beast in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. While the basic fundamentals of SEO are the same, the sheer size and intricacy of enterprise websites come with their own set of unique challenges. 

However, these challenges can be easily solved with enterprise SEO solutions. Also, these solutions help attract more potential customers who are interested in your business.

In this guide, we’ll explore the tactics and solutions to overcome the common challenges of enterprise SEO and achieve higher rankings at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Before we discuss the common issues and their solutions, first understand what enterprise SEO is. 

A Brief Overview of Enterprise SEO Landscape

Enterprise SEO is the practice of creating a comprehensive and scalable SEO framework that works on improving your search engine rankings and competitiveness in the long term. This complex structure can pose a number of challenges to SEO. Hire an enterprise SEO agency that is aware of the common problems associated with it.

Here are some of the most common pitfalls that affect enterprise SEO:

  • Technical-SEO Complexity: Many enterprise websites have technical debt caused by years of development and integration. This can cause crawl errors, inconsistent structured data markup,  slow page loading, and more. These technical issues prevent search engines from understanding your website and indexing it properly.
  • Silos and Inconsistency in Content: Large organizations often have content creation spread across multiple departments, resulting in content silos. This means valuable information gets trapped within departmental walls, failing to reach the intended audience. Content inconsistency in tone, style and target keywords can confuse search engines as well as users.
  • Internal Linking Woes: It’s quite a difficult job to develop a well-thought-out internal linking strategy with so many pages. Incompatible or missing internal links impede search engine crawlers in their journey through your website and prevent them from finding essential information.
  • Information Architecture Labyrinth: It is difficult for users and search engines to navigate your website, when you have a badly designed information architecture. Unclear navigation menus, confusing page hierarchies, and unclear breadcrumbs are just a few of the issues that confuse search engines and users. Later, this confusion can lead to frustration for users and poor SEO performance.
  • Competitor Disparity: Many enterprise websites vie for attention in highly competitive markets with established competitors. To rank at the top, you need a comprehensive SEO approach that goes beyond simple optimization techniques and focuses on content creation, link building, and brand awareness.

Exploring the Solutions for Common Enterprise SEO Issues

Let’s take a closer look at the given solutions that can help your website perform well on search engines.

  • Streamlining and Consolidation of Content: Collaborate across departments and share content across the entire organization. Create a central content calendar that shows target keywords, topics, and publication calendars. Make sure content follows a consistent style and adds relevant target keywords naturally.
  • Technical SEO Audit and Cleanup: The first step toward a healthier website is a technical SEO audit. Focus on issues like crawl errors, broken links, slow loading times, mobile responsiveness issues, and structured data inconsistencies. Once you’ve identified your website’s technical issues, fix them so search engines can crawl and index it easily. Using tools like SEMrush and Screaming Frog can help streamline your technical SEO audit process.
  • Revamp Your Website Architecture: Invest in UX research to get a better understanding of how your users navigate your site. Based on your findings, update your information structure to make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. Breadcrumbs, uniform menus, and a logical page hierarchy are just a few of the ways you can make your site easier to navigate.
  • Data-based Link Building: Building quality backlinks is crucial for a successful SEO strategy. But do they work for Enterprise SEO, too? For Enterprise SEO, a scattershot approach won’t suffice. Conduct competitor link analysis to identify websites linking to your competitors. Develop link-worthy content that resonates with these websites’ audiences and outreach to editors and webmasters for potential backlinks. Leverage tools like Ahrefs or Moz to track your backlink profile and identify link-building opportunities.
  • Strategic Internal Linking: Create an internal linking tactic that links high-value pages within your site. Use anchor text to direct search engines and visitors to high-value content. You can also use tools like Google Search Console to find orphan pages that don’t have internal links and focus on linking them to high-value, authoritative pages.
  • Content Marketing Prowess: Enterprise SEO works best when your content is high-quality, well-researched, and sets your brand apart as a leader in your field. Do keyword research to find out what’s important to your audience and what they’re searching for. Write blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, or infographics that focus on your audience’s pain points and offer valuable solutions.


Winning the enterprise SEO battle requires a strategic mindset, collaborative cross-functional efforts, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. By following the solutions mentioned here, you can easily tackle common challenges related to Enterprise SEO. Implement enterprise SEO solutions to harness the full power of SEO and achieve long-term online visibility and performance. 

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