Decorating Gift Boxes Ideas Even Your Little Ones Can Try!

Gift Boxes

Who doesn’t love to receive gifts? It is one of the most beautiful ways to show your sentiments to your loved ones. Various kinds of gifts show various kinds of emotions and through them you can show others that you still care.

Studies have shown that giving and receiving gifts increase the bond and connection between loved ones and friends. When it comes to gifts, Decorating Gift Boxes Ideas are also very important. The more creative the idea is, the more splendid your present will look.

It is necessary because custom gift boxes need to be presented in an attractive way. You must put some effort in decorating it instead of giving the present as it is. People don’t simply need things. The stuff you bought must also show your sentiments, care and concerns.

How Do You Arrange A Gift Box

If you are not getting anything to pack up your gifts just look for some shoe boxes or large empty cardboard box cartons to pack your gifts according to the size. After you make a gift box look nice just start arranging gift bags in it. Place heavier ones and larger items in the back and place the lighter and small items on top or in front. Put it in a way that all gifts must be visible from above.

How Can I Decorate Gift Box? 

You think decorating a gift box is quite a hustle. Well no, it’s not. Only if you get to know the right decorating gift boxes ideas to pack it you can do it in 10 minutes max. You don’t need very expensive materials to decorate it. The more simple you keep it, the more elegant it looks. 

Either you want to present gifts on festive occasions like Christmas gifts, or events like marriage, or just want to propose to your loved one, or want to give a present to your kid for getting a position in high school. Whatever, the purpose is, we get you covered.

Material Needed to Decorate

Here’s the list of materials you need to decorate a gift. Ofcourse, you don’t need all of them, just select any of these as per your taste. Paints, Glitter, fabric or satin ribbons, beads, stencil, embroidery threads/piping threads, fabric scraps, different colored wrapping papers, dried flowers or potpourri, gift tags, and other craft supplies like craft knife, pair of scissors, needle or glue. 

Easy & Simple Decorating Gift Boxes Ideas 

Here are some of the simplest decorating gift boxes ideas that you can even start a business to create Custom Gift Boxes Wholesale at home by using these DIY techniques.

Make A Bow

One of the simplest ideas is to take a beautiful fabric or ribbon and tie a knot like a bow around the lid of a plain gift box and tada! No glue, nothing!

Use Paper Flowers to Decorate

One of the creative decorating gift boxes ideas is to just use any scrap book or trace any flowers and then cut it and paste it on a handmade gift box. And there you go!

Use 3D Stickers

Many beautiful 3D stickers are available in the market. Simply buy them and stick them on the gift box. It could be flowers, butterflies, or some cartoon characters, and many more.

How Do You Decorate A Gift Box With Paints

Another cool way to decorate is by using paints. Paint your or your kids hands and place it all over the box. These handprints in various colors will give it a unique and creative look.

Sprinkle the Glitter

Well, it’s not like you have to open the cap and just sprinkle all the glitter over the box. You need to place glue in any design you want and then just sprinkle different colored glitters on it. But these days, there’s glitter glue available in the craft store. You can also have those and create designs as per your wish.

Gift Tags for Decorating Gift Boxes Ideas

Another easiest option is to simply wrap it with any plain color and place a gift tag on it. There are many different types of gift tags available in the market and you can simply buy them and place them as per the occasion’s demand. 

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How Do You Decorate A Gift Box With Tissue Paper

You can easily create oversized tissue flowers. There are so many YouTube tutorials available to make one. Just look at any tutorial and create a beautiful large flower out of tissue paper. Then just create two holes in a lid and stick the flower with a ribbon or piping and secure it after tying it with a lid. 

Rustic Gift Box With Potpourri 

Give your gift box a rustic vibe by using dried petals and leaves. Use a hot glue gun and decorate your box in a creative way to give off an old rustic vibe. 

How Do You Fill A Space In A Gift Box

Add a bunch of papers in the Bottom of the box and then fill the side spaces by cutting the shreds of different color papers and fill your box with them.  So, what do you think about the above given tips? Did you like these simplest decorating gift boxes ideas? If you liked them, do try them at home and let us know about your experiences in the comments.

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