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dermatologists in Abu Dhabi

Program Outline for Dermatology

Skin, hair, and nail conditions are treated at Cleveland dermatologists in Abu Dhabi Medical Subspecialties Institute’s dermatology program. Expert doctors from the program provide comprehensive care using cutting-edge treatments to manage a variety of illnesses and disorders. The Dermatology Program staff consistently puts the needs of its patients first and provides careful, thorough, and compassionate care.

Our Treatment

Patients with problems with their skin, hair, or nails are treated in the dermatology program.

They include both common and uncommon skin issues like:



Eczema (red, itchy, and inflamed skin) (red, itchy, and inflamed skin)

Very bad psoriasis (when skin cells grow too fast)

inflammatory skin conditions (reddened skin)

blistering conditions

Skin cancers such as melanoma and non-melanoma

The medical professionals in the dermatology program also take care of individuals who have chronic illness problems like:

Heart condition


A failing kidney (poor function of the kidneys)

Immunologic conditions

Thyroid disease and other endocrine illnesses (issues with the body’s glandular and hormonal system)

Therapy & Diagnosis in Dermatology

The Dermatology Program’s highly qualified staff provides expert diagnosis and medical care for a variety of skin, hair, and nail conditions.

Dermatology Diagnosis

At the Medical Subspecialties Institute, an outpatient clinic for the Dermatology Program offers services. Also, program doctors provide bedside consultations in the inpatient wards and emergency rooms at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

Caretakers start by getting a thorough history from the patient and carefully examining the skin before making a diagnosis. Physicians may diagnose many skin problems only by looking at the skin because inflammation, which results from the body’s immune response, is frequently the most visible indication of skin disease. Physicians have tests at their disposal to diagnose skin problems if a physical examination of the skin is insufficient.

Dermatology is used in the treatment

The team at the Dermatology Program addresses both common skin disorders and serious or otherwise difficult conditions that may call for cutting-edge diagnostic techniques and treatment strategies. Simple skin ailments are typically treated with medicine, while more severe conditions may call for therapies like:

Biologic pharmaceuticals (or biologics) are medicines made of animal or human proteins that are used to treat psoriasis and severe dermatitis (skin inflammation).

Drugs that suppress the immune system are referred to as immunosuppressive agents (the actions the body takes to fight infection, or in some cases attack its own tissues).

Treatment with lasers for autoimmune skin conditions (when body tissues are attacked by their own immune system).

Phototherapy: Inflammatory skin illnesses can be treated using phototherapy, also known as light therapy or phototherapy, as the light rays can limit the proliferation of the damaged skin cells and promote healing.

Oral retinoids are vitamin A-related drugs that may be used to treat severe skin conditions. Due to the potential for major adverse effects, this therapy necessitates cautious observation.

Dermatology Program Support Personnel

The knowledgeable staff at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Medical Subspecialties Institute provides their patients with sensitive and all-encompassing care. The highly committed staff of nurses administers laser therapies and phototherapy treatments, while doctors are uniquely educated to identify and treat skin disorders.

The following carers provide patient care for this program:



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