Detailed overview of a Digihaler (for asthmatics)

A “Digihaler” is a cutting-edge asthma inhaler that utilizes Bluetooth innovation to send data about how you use it to an application on your cell phone. The data can then be given to your medical services supplier and used to arrive at conclusions about your asthma therapy.

While the innovation is new, the drugs utilized in Digihalers are not new to the drug market. Here’s the beginning and end you ought to be familiar with utilizing a Digihaler to deal with your asthma.

Sorts of Digihalers

A couple of sorts of Digihalers are accessible, and the market is quickly extending. Models are given beneath.

While the information assortment and transmission capabilities are comparable, the meds in every inhaler are unique. Your primary care physician will assist you with sorting out which one is best for you.

ProAir Digihaler

Firstly, The ProAir Digihaler is a salvage inhaler supported for the utilization of bronchospasm, including exercise-prompted bronchospasm, in individuals beyond 4 years old years.


Firstly, The inhaler contains a powdered type of albuterol sulfate, a bronchodilator normally used to treat asthma. It likewise has an implicit electronic module that sends data about its utilization to a savvy gadget through a downloaded application.

Firstly, You can utilize the prescription whether you have the application downloaded.

ide Effects

Normal symptoms of albuterol include:

•             Expanded pulse

•             Feeling temperamental or apprehensive (volatility)

•             Unsteadiness

•             Migraine

•             Steamed stomach

•             Precautionary measures

•             Assuming you’ve at any point had an unfavorably susceptible response to albuterol, you shouldn’t utilize the ProAir Digihaler or an inhaler that contains albuterol.

•             Assuming you are pregnant or breastfeeding, inquire as to whether it’s OK for you to utilize an albuterol inhaler.

•             You ought to likewise enlighten your primary care physician regarding any drugs that you as of now take since albuterol can interface with different prescriptions.

AirDuo Digihaler

Firstly, The AirDuo Digihaler contains fluticasone propionate and salmeterol powder for the anticipation and upkeep of asthma side effects. It’s anything but a salvage inhaler. It is supported for use in individuals ages 12 and more seasoned.


The main fixing in the AirDuo Digihaler is fluticasone, which is a corticosteroid. At the point when utilized in a breathed-in structure at customary spans, the medicine forestalls asthma side effects by decreasing aviation route irritation.

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Firstly, The other fixing is salmeterol, a long-acting beta-agonist that forestalls bronchospasms by unwinding and expanding the aviation routes. It isn’t compelling at halting an intense asthma assault.

Secondary effects

Normal results of fluticasone include:

•             Hack

•             Respiratory or sinus aggravation

•             Migraine

•             The runs

•             Upper respiratory disease

Armonia Digihaler

It contains fluticasone propionate powder.

Firstly, The Armonia Digihaler is accessible in three dosages — 55mcg, 113mcg, and 232mcg — for the support and counteraction to asthma assaults.

Other “Brilliant” Inhalers

Firstly, The inhalers with the name “Digihaler” are undeniably made by an organization named Teva. There are likewise comparative advances available that don’t go by the name “Digihaler.”

Propeller Health

Firstly, Studies have recommended that the utilization of a Propeller sensor might diminish the quantity of trauma center visits and hospitalizations among people who utilize the innovation.

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