How Do You Get an electrical certificate in UK?

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What is the purpose of an electrical certificate? What exactly are you hoping to apply it to? What’s the best method to get it If these are questions you’re considering, then you’re in good hands. We’ve made this guide to assist you in getting to be sure you’re on the right track with the electrical certificate of conformity requirements for the UK.

What is a Certificate of Compliance (COC)?

A certificate of electrical conformity confirms that electrical systems and installations inside your house are operational and is safe and complies with the regulations, electrical certificate.

This document confirms the fact that an electrician licensed looked over your house and determined that the electrical system found during the inspection is conforming to all legal standards laid out by the Electrical Installations Occupational Health and Safety Act of UK.

Why is this the purpose for me to require an official certification of compliance?

As with water and gas could let go. The current that is flowing could be fatal because it can cause electrocution for those who come in contact with the appliance that leaks.

Earth leakage relay is intended to detect leaks that flow directly (or through indirect methods) towards the Earth. If it exceeds a certain level, it will turn to a stop and shut off the circulation. This is why it is essential to ensure that all circuits are grounded so that the earth leakage alarms can function just as it should in case of any emergency.

The burden is on the owner of the property (seller) to ensure that a defect or non-satisfactory electrical installation in their house isn’t a risk to anyone or any animal or to property. If an incident or injury happens in the absence of a COCin place, then the property owner may be held accountable , and the insurance policy of the property may be declared invalid or non-existent. That means that as the owner or property owner, you’re bound to be held accountable for any damages caused.

Who is required to have an official certificate to be able to comply?

A certification for electrical equipment is legally required. This means that everyone who uses electrical equipment needs an official certificate of conformity, electrical certificate.

You’ll require a certification of conformity to sell your house. When you advertise your home for sale the property must be inspected to make sure that all electrical appliances are functioning correctly and installed. Any issue should be fixed or addressed.

In accordance with the law that regulates the safety and health of workers (OHSA) It is not authorized to sell, offer to sell or rent any electrical equipment that could be dangerous. It means that the owner of the property has to obtain an COC before any transfer of property can take to take place. The certificate is given from an expert electrician, and be in compliance with the guidelines.

An asset can be transferred with out needing an approval certificate?

Sellers are responsible to issue a certification of conformity (CoC) however buyers should also be aware of what they are. When you sell your home and you want to provide conformity certificates for electric fence and gas installations as well as electric ones prior to the property becoming capable of being transferred to an owner who is a new buyer.

What’s being checked when you look for the electrical Certificate of Compliance?

A certification inspection for electrical appliances will require an electrician inspect all components of the central distribution board , as in any sub-boards or circuit breakers, and also leakage of earth.

Earthing systems and their connection across all of the system. The proper bonding of all metal components (such for antennas, satellite dishes)

Socket outlets, as well as light switches

All isolators that are used to power equipment that is stationary (such for air conditioning)

The cables connecting the mains ‘ incoming cable are connected to the distribution center board.

The complete cabling system, from distribution boards to switches and plugs (including the plugs for the wall as well as light switches ) until connecting to light switches)

All circuits and wiring that are connected to appliances are fixed, even when they’re connected to electrical outlets on walls (excluding appliances)

The location of electrical devices (such as light switches, plugs that cannot be used at the same distance as showers, baths, taps and so on. )

Mains Switch must be accessible at a certain level of the floor during an an emergency.

During the exam the electrician is responsible for making sure that all electric equipment is:

Proudly approved by SABS or other approvals that are relevant to the company.

that is of the correct format and with the correct score for an application.

It is installed in a method that has been approved

Safely and properly protected from children

Good operating and in good operating condition (which is a safety feature that work)

The electrician could also conduct several tests to ensure that the values of the insulations, voltages earthing, voltages, as well as other parameters are in accordance with the rules.

Distribution board functions as the central point of electrical systems within the house. From this point, power supplies to mains power is split into several circuits for the supply of lighting and electrical outlets.

Circuit breakers safeguard against overload faults and short circuits (without the explosions resulting from electricity). The circuit breakers, as well as the dimensions of wires should be evaluated in line with the power the circuit that is that is connected to it can be anticipated to transfer.

The loss of earth from the distribution boards helps protect against the risk of electrocution.

The minimum requirements require that the switch must be immediately accessible in case in the need for it in an event of emergency.

What’s the price of the Electrical Certificate of Compliance cost?

The cost for the inspection is usually an upfront cost, however the exact price depends on whether repairs are required to ensure that the installation meet the standards. The electrician conducting the inspection will inform you know of any signs of warning or issues that require to be addressed to ensure the installation is compliant with the requirements. Alongside the breakdown of the faults, an electrician can also give an estimate of the work needed to ensure that it is within conformity.

Two choices: Accept the offer for the electrician to finish the job before issuing the certification of conformity following successful accomplishment. OR Select an experienced electrician to complete the job to provide an COC.

It is essential to note that Electricians cannot issue COCs based on the work of other people since the certificate acts as an assurance about the materials used and the quality of work that is offered. The inspection cost is a consult fee but it is not a cost for certification.

What is the period of time for an electronic Certificate of Compliance?

Electrical installations are subject to regulations that specify that a conformity certification is valid for two years. It can be used as a basis for the transfer. The CoC is valid throughout the lifetime of the installation, however it doesn’t cover items that are needed for maintenance. If any modifications are implemented to electrical systems it is necessary to obtain another Coca.


It is necessary to have an electrical certificate of conformity when selling your house, or if you’ve made any adjustments or adjustments to the electrical system in your home. Without this certification, the transfer of your home to the new owner isn’t possible. Additionally, in the event damages are caused to any person, animal or property because the electrical problems within your home, the insurance will not offer a reimbursement absent a valid certification of conformity.

The electrical system within your home will be checked to ensure it is in good condition by an electrician that is accredited. There is an established cost for the inspection. Following which repairs or maintenance must be made to rectify any issues and bring your electrical system up to standards.

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