Exploring Custom Reporting With Power Bi Report Builder

Reporting With Power Bi Report Builder

Power BI Report Builder is a tool for making reports. It’s different from older tools because it’s more powerful and has many features. You can create, design, and share reports that look great on paper or as PDFs.

With this tool, you can make reports with tables, charts, and maps, and customize how they look. And it works with many data sources like SQL Server, Oracle, and Excel. You can also use custom expressions, parameters, and variables to work with data. Now let’s talk about the benefits!

Benefits of Power BI Report Builder

Power BI Report Builder is a crucial tool for businesses that want to create tailored reports for easy sharing within the company. Best of all, its powerful features and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for improving reporting abilities.

•       Make highly-customized, perfect-looking reports

•       Design and personalize report layouts, styles, and themes for specific needs

•       Supports many data sources, like SQL Server, Excel

•       Advanced data visualization, such as data bars, and indicators

•       Quickly see trends and patterns in data for better decision-making

•       Create reports for printing or sharing as PDF files

•       Easily share reports within the company for improved collaboration and decision-making

So, these benefits make Power BI Report Builder a vital tool for businesses wanting to create lively, customized reports. Moreover, the tool can offer insights into operations and help drive growth and success.

Difference Between BI Report Builder & Power BI Report Builder

The main difference between BI Report Builder and Power BI Report Builder comes from the software they work with. BI Report Builder is for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). But, Power BI Report Builder creates paginated reports in the Power BI ecosystem.

BI Report Builder makes pixel-perfect reports for printing or exporting as PDFs. It’s often used for operational reports like invoices, statements, and labels. Also, those who need exact layout and formatting. Furthermore, this tool supports various data sources, including relational databases, Analysis Services cubes, and XML data sources.

On the contrary, Power BI Report Builder creates paginated reports to embed in Power BI dashboards and share with others. Also, these reports are interactive, letting users explore and analyze data in different ways. In addition, Power BI Report Builder works with various data sources, including cloud-based sources.

Find Your Power BI Report Builder Partner

Looking for a partner to help you harness the power of Power BI Report Builder? Choose Beaconhouse Technology. Our expert team has the skills and experience to create tailored reports that fit your needs.

With our assistance, you’ll benefit from advanced data visualization and support for various data sources offered by Power BI Report Builder. Likewise, we’ll collaborate with you to design and personalize report layouts, styles, and themes, giving you access to accurate, up-to-date information for growth and success.

Our team will help you spot trends and patterns in your data, making it easy to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions. We’ll also assist you in sharing reports across your organization for better collaboration and decision-making. So, don’t settle for generic, one-size-fits-all reports. Partner with Beaconhouse Technology and unlock the power of custom reporting with Power BI Report Builder.

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