Eyelash extensions – All you need to know about the process

Lash extensions are a quick and easy way to get fuller, longer-looking lashes. They can be applied by your eyelash extensions Ann Arbor beauty expert who will generally give you two options, water-based and oil-based. Be sure to book an appointment with your therapist before choosing one over the other as they both have their pros and cons!

Book a patch test with your therapist.

  • A patch test is a trial run of the lash extension adhesive on your upper eyelid. It’s done in order to check for any allergic reactions and possible irritation from the glue so that you can avoid those symptoms in the future.
  • Patch tests usually take about an hour or two, but it depends on how many lashes are being applied at once and how much time you need to take off before doing them again (if at all).
  • Your therapist will apply a small amount of glue onto your upper lid—usually, 4-5 millilitres per eye—and then wait until it’s dry before applying additional lashes over top of it. This way they’ll be able to see whether anything adverse happens during application before using up all their supplies!

Do tell your therapist if you have sensitive eyes.

If you have sensitive eyes, it’s important to let your eyelash extensions Ann Arbor beauty experts know. They may be able to use a different type of glue or applicator that won’t irritate your skin. They can also apply for extensions more gently so as not to cause any discomfort for you.

Do be prepared for some discomfort during the application process.

When your eyelash extensions are applied, you will feel a tingling sensation. This can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and is normal. However, if the discomfort becomes too much or lasts longer than usual, it’s best to let your technician know so they can take action right away.

The application process may also cause some pressure on your eyes. This is due to the weight of the product being applied to your lashes. It’s important that you don’t rub or blink at all during this time as doing so could lead to tears in your eyes (which would be painful). In addition, some people experience discomfort while having their eyelashes glued on.

Don’t open your eyes until they are completely dry!

It’s important to note that opening your eyes while the lashes are still wet will cause damage. You should wait at least 24 hours before applying any eye makeup remover, oil-based products or any other substances on your eyelids or lashes. If you have to use something like mascara, use a cotton swab first and then apply it directly from the tube with a brush instead of rubbing it directly onto your lashes.

Don’t get them wet for 24 hours after you have them applied!

If you have your eyelash extensions applied and they are not properly dry, they will fall out within 24 hours. You should not sleep on them while they are wet as this can cause your lashes to break off (which is why you must wait at least 24 hours).

Once your lashes are completely dry, most people find that the sensation of putting mascara on their new hair is much more comfortable than wearing fake eyelashes.

Do come back every 2–4 weeks for your infill appointments to maintain the health of your natural lashes and ensure your lash extension looks their best.

An infill appointment is a time when your Eyelash Extensions Ann Arbor beauty expert will remove the lash extensions from your natural lashes and replace them with new ones. The goal of infill is to maintain the health and condition of your natural lashes so that they can eventually grow back in naturally. It is recommended that you visit them every 2–4 weeks for an initial refill session, then every 3–5 months for a maintenance session (unless otherwise advised).


As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to eyelash extensions. If you want them for yourself or someone else, make sure that they are the right kind of person and have done their research.  Also, for satisfactory results, it is highly advised to get your eyelash extensions done by professionals and experts such as Eyeconiclashesandbrows.

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