Four major myths about Microblading: Debunked

Microblading has gained immense popularity due to its benefits and long-lasting nature. With its rise in trends, it also is associated with many misconceptions and myths which occupy the typical person’s mind. Understanding the legitimacy of these ideas will help you learn more about the procedure and its advantages.

Here is the list of four major myths about Microblading:

  1. Microblading is an extremely painful procedure

The biggest myth about the beauty procedure is that it is horrendously painful. The fear of needles and sharp objects may influence this train of thought. However, this is simply not true. The most pain you’ll experience is close to ant bites or other tattoo pains you might have experienced.

The pain level is tolerable, and the healing process is hassle-free. The most you have to deal with are a few scabs which heal within a few days of the procedure. The procedure is simple and short. It is entirely a myth that it causes unbearable pain to endure the process.

  1. The procedure is permanent and irreversible

Microblading is not permanent. If you search for microblading eyebrows in Minneapolis MN, you will find that it is semi-permanent, with the ink lasting for up to two years before it needs a touch-up. The ink fades with time and is almost invisible by the end of three years, depending on the skin type. Oily skin hastens the fading process and will need frequent touch-ups.

Microblading removal is a popular set of procedures which can help you completely undo the changes made by microblading. The three main types of removal are laser, the most popular type, saline and acid. Each of these methods is safe and effective in removing all traces of microblading.

  1. The tattoo process leaves behind scars

A big misconception about the process of microblading is the expectancy of scars. The process simply tattoos the skin and injects pigment to draw lines. The skin is not harmed or injured to leave behind scars like traditional cuts.

The microblading tool is a sharp edge tool which is acceptable not to leave behind any marks. Only the ink is left behind, with no sign of puncture of the skin where the device struck it. This is mainly why microblading is safe and preferred by many people.

  1. The procedure doesn’t look natural

Many people believe that microbladed brows look highly fake. In fact, Microblading Eyebrows in Minneapolis MN produces some of the best-looking eyebrows, which look more real than some natural brows after a round of makeup. With great attention to each brow hair, this procedure helps you have groomed brows at ease.

Additional procedures, like the brow tint and ombre effects, can be paired with microblading to achieve your dream brows. These methods help keep the nature of your brows as close to reality as possible while allowing room for a sleek and clean look.

Conclusion Microblading has had many negative perceptions, even when the procedure has benefited thousands worldwide. BeautyPros offers fantastic microblading services which are well-rated by many customers. You can get beauty services from experienced professionals to achieve your dream look at affordable prices. Get in touch and book an appointment today.

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