Give your New Fashion Brand a Boost with Shopify and SEO Services in Kansas

Are you launching your new clothing line in Kansas? If so, you will need someone to take care of your fashion marketing. Starting and running a fashion brand can be highly exciting and rewarding simultaneously, particularly when everyone uses their phones to shop all the time.

One such platform that sells fashion is Shopify. Did you know that according to reports, online apparel and accessories sales are expected to cross $710 billion this year? This tells you why you need professional Shopify and SEO solutions to make your fashion brand more visible and appealing.

The growth of influencer marketing and social media played a key role in boosting eCommerce fashion brands. Consumers frequently turn to Facebook and Instagram to find new brands and products. These are now the channels that can help you reach out to many more potential customers. Take the help of a marketing company like Lead Marketing Strategies to get top-of-the-line Shopify solutions for your fashion business.

How a marketing agency in Kansas can help your fashion brand grow:

While the fashion world can be fiercely competitive, hiring experts from a “marketing agency near me” can be wise. Shopify marketplaces are always on the search for newer ways to bring more and more traffic to websites. This can happen only when you use SEO techniques together with Shopify tools. Here are some ways SEO and Shopify can bring more people to you:

  • User-generated content is the biggest social proof; it tells the target audience that your clients love your products enough to post their looks. All customers are keen to see how your brand looks on ordinary people, not simply models. They want to be sure the clothes suit all body types. And for that, you don’t need to push your clients too much! They are usually more than willing to post their pictures.
  • A good way to reach a wider audience is by collaborating with influencers. This is possible even without a big budget because you can always get micro-influencers to do this job for you. The latter may have smaller audiences, but these audiences are more likely to be engaged.
  • When you work with a marketing agency in Kansas, they will set up your fashion shop for Instagramers to shop. Not only can you use this platform for marketing your brand but also to drive sales directly. For this, you only need to create your business account here, add details, and link this to the Shopify store. In case shoppers have queries, you can answer these right away. For this, bots are integrated with the Shopify store for replying to user questions. This is key to higher sales because, according to Forrester’s research, almost 53% of shoppers online will not buy if they don’t find an answer to their query immediately.
  • A leading marketing firm will use Google Ads to ensure your brand can grab the costliest real estate on SERPs. Besides, it will run giveaways to get more traffic. These entail low-cost investments but can help you get far more quality leads. Whether promoting a new product for your fashion store or launching a new item, arranging contests and giveaways always helps.
  • Launching a loyalty program can help you retain customers; this is the most important marketing hack because it’s much cheaper than acquiring new customers.

These are tips and tricks to get more and more people to your Shopify store, and you can count on SEO and Shopify experts to do this for you seamlessly.

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