Headphones price in Pakistan with high quality 2023

Headphones Price in Pakistan

Airpods are the most popular TWS headphones. They won love with their minimalist stylish design, comfortable fit and high technical performance. However, they only work perfectly with iOS technology.

and Android owners need headphones similar to Airpods. Apart from this factor, Airpods are not cheap and not everyone can buy them. In this article, Headphones price in Pakistan 2023.

Baseus W04 Pro

W04 Pro can be safely called a budget Airpods copy. Despite their low price, the ear buds give good performance. Ergonomics allow you to play sports in them, and the IP54 protection level will protect against water or dust. Fully charging the device takes 1.5 hours by wire.

QI wireless charging is available and takes twice as long. They live 5 hours without a case, 20 with it. This is the best budget copy of Air Pods.  The connection is fast and works flawlessly. Gestures are available and can be easily customized. One, two or three touches on the front glossy surface of the headphone case will allow you to start playing or stop music, switch songs and manage calls.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE

Outwardly, they only vaguely resemble an Apple product. They are slightly larger, but still sit comfortably in the ear and do not fall out. One earphone weighs 4.7 grams. The shell follows the shape of the ear and provides a secure fit.

Sleek white plastic design. Mi Air 2 SE has a good sound, rich bass makes listening to all musical genres enjoyable. Low and mid frequencies sound the softest. You can operate twenty hours with a case and up to five without it. Fast charging replenishes battery life in just an hour.

About Control

Available touch control is easy to configure. Pressing the earpiece will help you control playback and calls. Auto Pause available. A good microphone and noise-canceling technology allow you to use them as a headset even outdoors.

Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 3

The latest version of Xiaomi’s most popular line of TWS earphones features excellent quality and improved technical performance. Outwardly, the vacuum headphones have not changed much, but have become a little larger (4.6 grams) – a second speaker has been added to them.

There is support for Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX Adaptive audio codec. This means that now the connection has become faster and more stable. The codec automatically optimizes the sound and transmits it without delay and distortion.

You can control calls and music with gestures. Equipped with an IR sensor, thanks to which auto-pause is available. The sound quality has increased and the latency has decreased. High and medium frequencies sound especially good. Audiophiles will love these headphones.

The battery life of the Air Dots 3 surpasses the Apple product – 7 hours of battery life without a case and 30 with it. Full recovery of battery resources will take 3 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Galaxy Buds Live from a brand no less popular than Apple are an excellent analogue of Airpods. They are beautiful and elegant, with an unusual design and a comfortable fit. They sit securely and do not fall out, despite the small size.

They can be customized from any Android device using the Galaxy Wearable app. Thanks to it, you can view the charge level and use the touch panel controls or search for headphones. The connection is fast and stable.

The sound is of very good quality. Instruments do not mix nice basses. Loudness is also enough. It’s nice to listen to all genres, including rock, which is rare for TWS headphones. There is a microphone and active noise cancellation, so they are suitable for calls.

The total autonomy is 21 hours, the headphones themselves up to 7 hours. The charge is fully restored in 2.5 hours. Galaxy Buds Live is a good alternative to Air Pods.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

In-ear headphones look similar to the previous ones, but now made of matte plastic. Their form factor ensures comfortable wearing. Supports SBC, AAC and Scalable codecs. You can configure the functionality as on the previous model through the application.

The connection is fast and works perfectly. Surround sound provides total immersion. The Pro version has new speakers, microphones and a single-chip system. The sound quality has improved. It has become more detailed and clear.

Moderate bass and a wide frequency range make all musical styles comfortable to listen to. There is an intelligent noise reduction function that allows you to control the noise. Maintained high autonomy in comparison with the previous version.

The charge lasts up to 8 hours (up to 28 with a case). When using ANC, the time is reduced. Galaxy Buds Pro is a good competitor for Apple’s TWS headphones in terms of sound.


We presented the top headphones similar to Airpods. All of them are leaders in quality in their price segment. The SKAY.UA online store has fair prices and a large selection of TWS accessories that will become an alternative to Airpods.

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