How to Draw A Farm Easily

Draw A Farm

How to Draw A Farm. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from it all on a quiet farm. There is peace and quiet away from the big city on a working farm, and there is beautiful countryside and lots of animals to enjoy.

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Farmhouses can also be seen in many works of art as a symbol of stillness and peace. However, it can be pretty challenging to learn how to draw a farm if you need help figuring out what to do.

However, we’ve got you covered with the guide you’re about to read!

Our step-by-step how-to-draw a farm guide will have you drawing one of these fantastic places before you know it.

How to Draw A Farm

Step 1

This guide to drawing a farm is a bit more complex, so feel free to refer to the reference image and take it slow!

For this first step, you will need a ruler and your favorite drawing tool to make your life easier.

You should also use a light pen first and then switch to a pen when you’re happy with its appearance.

For this step, we will draw a farm with a silo attached. Using your ruler, you can create some triangular cross-section square walls for the side of the farmhouse.

Then you can use your ruler to add a silo with a rounded top to the side, like in the reference image. Once you’re happy with its appearance, you’re ready to move on to the next step!

Step 2

We’ll start with the farm landscape for this part of your farm design.

First, draw two curved lines parallel to each other coming from the farmhouse door to form a path.

Then you can use another curved line across the image’s bottom right corner as it appears in the reference image.

Finally, for this step, you can draw some mountains in the image’s background behind the farm to add more scenery.

Step 3

In this farm drawing guide step, we will see how to add some trees and shrubs to your farm.

Farms are beautiful and lush places, so having some plant life seems appropriate! First, you can draw a large bush on both sides of the farm with harsh lines.

Next, draw a small tree from the bushes on the right. Finally, you can use a line similar to that used for the bushes to add some treetops under the mountains to complete this step of your farmhouse drawing.

Step 4

You can bring the farmhouse to life with some great touches for this part of your farmhouse design. First, you can draw a door over where the path connects to the farm.

Then you can add some windows on the walls and under the farmhouse’s roof. Then you can use smaller lines on the roof and silo to give them texture detail. Finally, add small jagged lines to the bushes to give them a greener look.

Step 5

Before we move on to the coloring phase of this farm drawing guide, we need to add some final details!

As seen in the reference image, you can draw some simple lines on the farmland. This will give the impression of lines in the soil where the farmer has tilled it.

We would add these details, but feel free to add your own! An example would be to draw some farm animals, like cows and chickens, walking around the farm. You could even draw a tractor or a windmill to give this image an extra farmhouse feel.

Step 6

You have finished drawing your unique farm and can now have fun coloring it!

We only showed you one way to colorize your picture, but for this step, feel free to use any of your favorite colors to bring your farm to life.

Depending on the artistic mediums used, you can also achieve different looks for your colors.

Mediums like acrylic paints and colored pencils would give the image a more colorful and vibrant look.

Alternatively, you can use watercolor paints to give the image a more muted look.

If I were to color this image, I would choose the watercolor option and draw a frame around the farmhouse for a classic look. This is just an idea, though; whatever you choose will look great!

Your Farm Drawing is Finished!

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