How to earn money from writing books

How to earn money from writing books

If you’re a writer, there are plenty of ways to turn your book into a profitable business. We will learn about How to earn money from writing books.

Whether it’s through self-publishing eBooks or consulting services, here are some quick tips for earning money from your writing.


Well, something about is that self-publishing is a great option if you have a unique idea that doesn’t fit into the mainstream.

If you want to write about how to grow tomatoes or raise chickens, self-publishing may be your best bet.

Self-publishing also offers more creative freedom than traditional publishing companies will allow. This is a great way How to earn money from writing books.

You can design your book cover however you like, write in any style and format, and even choose which retailers carry your book (you won’t need someone else’s approval).

Write a Book Series

A series is a group of books that are related to each other. The series can be a mystery, romance or something else.

Each book in the series should stand on its own, but also be part of a larger story. As you write each book in your series, make sure they build on each other.

In some way that way readers will want to keep reading until they’ve finished all of them!

Create a Kindle Singles eBook

Kindle Singles are shorter, lower-priced books that can be sold on Amazon. Kindle Singles have a 70% royalty rate and are usually priced between $2.99 and $4.99.

The 30 day Kindle Countdown Deal gives you the opportunity to offer your book for free for up to 5 days in order to promote it and increase sales.

The first step in creating your eBook is deciding what kind of content it will include: fiction or nonfiction? If it’s fiction, then consider what genre (romance? sci-fi?).

Do some research on similar books in this category so you know how long they are.

Your book should fall somewhere between 50k-100k words depending on which category it fits into!

Self-Publish Your Magazine Articles

To self-publish your magazine articles, you’ll need to write a book proposal and submit it to a publisher.

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds; in fact, many writers do this without any kind of training or guidance. Another good way How to earn money from writing books.

And to get started, think about what types of topics would be relevant for your readership (your target audience).

Then consider how much interest there would be in those topics based on how often they are searched online and whether there are already books.

About them available for sale online or offline (in stores). Finally, if there’s enough interest among potential readers for your topic(s), then go ahead and write!

Once you’ve written some content for your book proposal. Either just one chapter or all three start looking into self-publishing options.

Like Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) where authors can publish their own work directly through Amazon without going through.

Other companies like Ingrams or Baker & Taylor who may charge more money upfront but offer less control over pricing options later down the line.

And once other retailers begin carrying copies sold elsewhere first before yours becomes available digitally only via KDP itself.

Sell Your Consulting Services

  • You need to offer to consult on your book topic. If you’ve written a book on how to grow tomatoes, offer to consult with people who want their own tomato gardens.
  • And try to also offer to consult on a related topic. If you wrote a book about growing tomatoes, offer your services as an expert gardener in general, not just tomatoes!
  • Offer to consult on a topic that is in demand and has high margins. For example: “How do I get my kids off the computer?”

There are several ways to turn your book into a profitable business.

  • Write a book. Which is most common for How to earn money from writing books.
  • Self-publish your book.
  • Write a series of books and sell them together as an ebook or print-on-demand (POD) package, like the Fifty Shades trilogy by E. L. James or The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.
  • Kindle Singles are short eBooks that are usually less than 15,000 words in length. And cost between $0.99 – $2.99 to download from Amazon’s Kindle Store on their website or app for iOS devices. Such as iPhones/iPads/iPod Touchs if you have one available to use with your computer’s internet connection. So that users can read it either on their phones directly or transfer those files. Over onto their computers later on. After reading them first using their mobile device’s screen size instead of having access through desktop computers only.”

If you’re writing a series, give each book its own plot and subplots. The main characters should grow and change over the course of the series.

But each story should have its own unique problem to solve. You also need to make sure your readers know when they start reading any given book in your series.

Whether they’re starting at the beginning or picking up somewhere near the middleOffer to consult on a specific topic that has high margins.

For example: “How can I get my kids off the computer?Amazon has a Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program.

That allows self-publishing authors to submit their own books for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store.

You can also sell your books directly through CreateSpace and IngramSpark, which are both owned by Amazon.”.


Now that you know some of the ways to turn your book into a profitable business, it’s time to get writing!

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