How to Go to Creative Cloud Apps

You must first download and install the Creative Cloud Desktop app on your computer before you can download any Adobe Creative Cloud app to your system.

In terms of software for filmmakers and other creative professionals like graphic designers, photographers, and artists, Adobe has made a name for itself.

In this blog post we’ll be taking a look at how to download and install Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as its apps.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe desktop software and mobile apps are all included in the Adobe Creative Cloud, also known as Adobe CC. Adobe CC can be acquired and kept up-to-date through a monthly subscription service. A membership to Adobe CC grants access to more than 20 fully developed programs.

There are a few extra applications in the Adobe Cloud Suite that are not complete software programs. Included are also a membership, the Adobe Font Library, cloud storage, the Adobe Portfolio Program, and collaboration tools.

Program Overview 

Here is a comprehensive list of programs that are included in the Adobe Creative Cloud:

  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Lightroom
  • Premiere Rush
  • Acrobat DC
  • Bridge
  • Lightroom Classic
  • Audition
  • Media Encoder
  • Mixamo
  • Camera Raw
  • SpeedGrade
  • Flash Builder Premium
  • InCopy
  • XD
  • Dimension
  • Aero
  • Dreamweaver
  • Animate
  • Character Animator
  • Prelude

Install and Activate Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

The steps listed below can be used to install and activate Adobe Creative Cloud apps for a VIP (Volume Incentive Plan) license.

Note: This guide is for logging into Adobe Creative Cloud so you can use Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and other programs. Please use Sign In to Adobe Acrobat Pro if you are creating or editing PDF files.

How to Download and Install

Step 1: Sign in to the Creative Cloud website (

Step 2: If prompted, select Company or School Account and then enter your password.

Step 3: To view all apps, click Apps on top of the page.

Step 4: Click Install for the app you want to download. Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 5: Once the installer window opens sign in to your Adobe account with your school credentials. 

Note: The Creative Cloud desktop app launches automatically and installs your app.

Subscription Options

You might not need every program in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite due to their extensiveness. If you only require two of the 20+ programs, why would you spend the money on them? You don’t have to, though.

The full subscription plan, which provides access to all the apps and services, currently costs $91.42 per month or $60.94 per month over the course of a year. Students are eligible for discounts, and Black Friday and other significant events typically result in price reductions for all plans from Adobe.

You can only subscribe to that plan if you want a single piece of software. You’ll have access to the single program as well as other cloud features like Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, cloud storage, and others.

Adobe also offers curated plans, such as the Photography plan, which comes with 20GB of cloud storage and includes Lightroom and Photoshop. You can access curated 3D plans for those programs, including Painter, Designer, Stager, and Sampler, as a result of Adobe’s acquisition of Substance 3D, even though it isn’t a component of Creative Cloud.

Adobe Portfolio and Behance

The majority of visual artists prefer to showcase their work online in portfolios. You don’t need a CC to use Behance, which is owned by Adobe. However, CC subscribers can directly integrate their work with Behance through the cloud.

Similar functionality is provided by Adobe Portfolio, but this is only available to cloud subscribers. Using one of Adobe Portfolio’s templates, you can create an online portfolio that is hosted by Adobe for as long as you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Your portfolio is inaccessible if your subscription is canceled.

These are both excellent tools that give you a variety of options for sharing and presenting your work with a larger audience. You can participate in the Adobe XD Creative Challenge and share your work there if you use Behance.


Adobe creative cloud provides varieties of programs to choose from depending on your profession. Additionally, there are a series of subscription plans, which includes Individuals, Business, Students & Teachers, and Schools & Universities.

Before you leave, check out this free online word, it’s flexible and easy to use. Plus your files are automatically stored in the cloud, which means you can access it anywhere and at anytime.

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