How to pack shoes and hats when moving

Moving and fun doesn’t go hand in hand, rather they are opposite to each other as moving involves a lot of costs and work for finding perfect removalists Balmain and shifting the entire household to a new location. Parting ways with your friends and relatives can be overwhelming and might bring out the worst of you. However, it can be made fun if you do things in the company of your friends by packing things along with some music in the background and yummy food to go by. The packaging can also be drawn upon to have some fun time between packaging the household stuff.

Packing shoes and hats when moving requires careful planning to ensure they maintain their shape and avoid damage.

Here are some tips to help you pack shoes and hats effectively:

Packing shoes:

  1. Clean and dry your shoes: Before packing, clean your shoes and make sure they are completely dry to prevent mold or mildew growth during transit.
  2. Sort and pair shoes: Group shoes by type (casual, athletic, dress shoes) and ensure each pair is together.
  3. Use appropriate packing materials: Gather packing materials such as shoeboxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape.
  4. Stuff shoes with packing paper or clean socks: This helps maintain their shape during the move.
  5. Wrap shoes individually: Use packing paper or bubble wrap to wrap each shoe, paying special attention to any protruding areas, like heels, to prevent damage.
  6. Pack shoes in their original boxes or use a sturdy alternative: Place each pair of wrapped shoes in their original box or a similar-sized sturdy box.
  7. Fill empty spaces with packing materials: Use packing paper or other soft materials to fill any empty spaces in the boxes to prevent shoes from moving during transit.
  8. Label the boxes: Clearly label each box with its contents and write “FRAGILE” if necessary.

Packing hats:

  1. Gather packing materials: You’ll need sturdy boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape.
  2. Choose the right box size: Select a box that is large enough to accommodate the hat without squishing or deforming it. Ideally, the box should be slightly larger than the hat’s brim.
  3. Stuff the hat’s crown: Gently stuff the crown of the hat with packing paper, tissue paper, or clean clothing to help maintain its shape.
  4. Wrap the hat: Carefully wrap the entire hat in packing paper or bubble wrap, ensuring that the brim and crown are well protected.
  5. Place the hat in a box: Gently place the wrapped hat in a box, ensuring that the brim is not bent or compressed. If packing multiple hats, place the largest or heaviest hat at the bottom, and layer the others on top, separated by packing paper or bubble wrap.
  6. Fill empty spaces: Fill any empty spaces in the box with packing paper or bubble wrap to prevent hats from shifting during transit.
  7. Seal and label the box: Securely seal the box with packing tape and label it with its contents and the word “FRAGILE.”

This has been the best strategy for packaging even used by packers and movers themselves for safe transportation. The removalists Brookvale ensure their client doesn’t have to face any losses in the transit of their items. Get a free quote from the removalists about your number of goods and travel cost for the move. 

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