How to Write an Invoice for Freelance Work

How do I make an invoice for freelancing

Clearly outlining payment terms and options in your invoice is vital to facilitate prompt payment. This is when the assignment is fresh on the client’s mind, and it is easier to follow how to invoice as a freelancer up for payments as well. In the case of long-term projects, then billings on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis can be done, and the invoices raised and sent accordingly.

The client’s name, address, and contact details should be included to ensure the invoice reaches the correct person or department. These details should be confirmed in advance by the client, in writing, to eliminate the possibility of them claiming the invoice was sent to the wrong person or company. At the bottom of the invoice, you can include any other fees, discounts, or fine-print points you want to clarify. These could be a late payment fee, in case the client doesn’t pay within the agreed-upon terms. Or, if you have long payment terms with clients, you could offer them a discount if they pay early.

Final thoughts: How to invoice as a freelancer

Just download this invoice template and help your business to invoice efficiently. Download, customize, and send this invoice to clients who hire your freelance services on retainer. It can be modified to be sent at any time period for your retainer fees, with extra lines to fill in any additional service requests.

  • Errors are a surefire way to create payment delays and headaches for both you and your client.
  • Given the individualized nature of the activity, a freelancer invoice template can take many forms.
  • If you are a freelance software/web/app developer, use this invoice template for freelance technical services and get paid promptly for your hard work.
  • I see this as being the most fair option because everyone has equal risk.

But if you send multiple invoices to multiple clients each month, invoicing software can help you save time. Thus, a fixed invoice layout can not effectively request the payment. So, use this freelancer invoice template to charge your several clients effectively.

Best Practices to Get Paid Faster and More Consistently

From how to create a professional invoice to what information you should include, here’s how to invoice as a freelancer. You get to choose when you work, which clients you work with, and which gigs you don’t want to do. Freelancers often face problems such as not receiving the correct payment amount or not receiving it on time. Hence, they must know how to write an accurate invoice while freelancing. With invoice timing varying based on client and project, don’t let yourself forget to send one. Use Zapier to automatically fill out an invoice when you mark a task done in your favorite project management app.

  • It might lead to miscommunication and delay your payment at the end of the service.
  • If you’re emailing the invoice yourself, follow these steps to ensure delivery and encourage prompt payment.
  • Payments can be broken down into smaller categories, such as the amount done as well as how it’s billed.
  • Having flexible payment terms is a great way to ensure that you get paid on time.
  • Below the table justified to the right, add fields for subtotal, tax, fees, discounts, and total.
  • While there’s no single template or process that you need to follow when you create and send invoices, there are a few pieces of information that you likely should include.

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