Is eyebrow microblading safe?

In the past few years, the art of microblading is gaining popularity to a greater extent. More and more people are adopting this method to fix their eyebrows permanently.

It is a form of cosmetic tattooing where technicians use a special tool with a tiny needle to draw the eyebrow hairs. This tool makes fine cuts in the area of the eyebrow and then fills them with colour. After this procedure, the eyebrow looks fuller and perfectly carved which mimics the look of natural hair. 

This is a semi-permanent method and the colour of the tattoo lasts for about a year.

The process of microblading is done by an expert technician and is thus considered safe. However there are a few risks involved. If you are going for this microblading eyebrow tattooing then here are a few risks associated with it that you should know.

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Risks associated with Microblading

According to many experts, this semi-permanent method of makeup has a very lesser chance of any serious medical issues. However medical complications are possible if the person doesn’t do the required care after the process. Moreover, the risk can be minimized with proper education, training and care.

Here are a few things that can be caused due to microblading:


When hygiene and safety standards are not maintained while accomplishing the procedure of microblading then it can lead to many bacterial skin infections caused by bacteria like staphylococcus. If the technician used dirty water and unsterilised equipment then viral infections such as herpes, HIV and hepatitis can also be caused to spread in unhygienic conditions. Additionally, ink contaminated with bacteria and mold can also lead to fungal infections. Thus it is important to choose the Best Microblading in Sarasota for a safe procedure.


Another common skin-associated issue that can be caused by the usage of ink is itchy rashes. Some people have sensitive skin and thus the use of ink can develop rashes indicating an allergic reaction. However, this happens mostly with the use of red colour. When red is mixed with black dye to make a brown shade like the natural eyebrows then there are chances of rashes development. You might have to take antihistamines or steroid shots to prevent them.


In microblading, a foreign substance is injected into the skin. We all know that our body is designed in a way to fight any foreign particle. Thus after injection, there can be the development of inflammatory knots around the area of infection. This shows that our cells have reacted with that particle. These are called granulomas and they might happen months or years after the procedure. You might have to take antibiotics or steroids to get better.


When the number of granulomas increases in your body and starts growing on the organs as well then the condition is called sarcoidosis. It has been observed that this condition has developed in patients after 15 years of eyebrow tattooing.

Other than these Keloids and MRI problems can also be caused because of eyebrow tattooing but they can be treated.

Wrap up-

The bottom line is that eyebrow microblading like all other techniques employs the use of certain equipment which can cause skin issues. But if all the safety standards and hygiene is maintained then these risks can be prevented. The eye loves skin and brows are the best microblading clinic you could go to to get eyebrow treatment done by the most professional experts with years of experience.

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