Add Aesthetics in Tie Packaging with Luxurious Tie Boxes Wholesale


The tie comes in decorative accessories. Men hang them around their necks to give a stylish look to their outfits. Ties are designed for particular occasions. They are prepared with various fabrics and come in solid and printed forms. Do you want to enhance the value of the ties through good packaging? Yes!  Custom tie boxes are the best way to display expensive and magnificent ties elegantly in front of buyers. The custom box with a window gives a detailed idea about the ties’ color, fabric, and shape. Besides this, you can give a furnishing look to the box by applying incredible laminations, finishings, and add-ons.  Undoubtedly, an impeccable tie box with right-sized packaging, sturdy material, and add-ons can influence clients at first sight.

Enhance the Visibility of Ties with Belly Band Packaging:

This is a common fact that consumers want to see innovation in product packaging. They are disinterested in the typical box’s designs. A belly band is one of the most stylish and creative methods to present glamour ties in customized packaging. It is a kind of sleeve packaging that comes with a partial cover. It encases the ties directly and gives a visual idea about the ties without unboxing them. This is the most incredible way to add aesthetics and increase the value of the brand’s products.  

The Most Popular Tie Box Design at iCustomBoxes:

Besides belly band packaging, we manufacture tie boxes wholesale in diverse styles.  If clients share their design ideas with us, we leave no stone unturned to turn them into practical forms. However, we design tie boxes in the following ways:

  1. Sleeve packaging
  2. Tie box with windows
  3. Tuck front box
  4. Tie gift box
  5. Rigid box with magnetic closure
  6. Tie box with compartments

Embellishing of Custom Tie Box Packaging with Add-ons:

We are living in a post-modern world. The buyers want to see the uniqueness in the packaging. Our designers do their utmost to come up with the most ingenious ideas for personalized tie boxes. We suggest various add-on solutions to give the box a new and classy look. These add-ons options include the following:


Tie contains different parts like the shell, tail, and blade. Packaging these parts in different sections gives a very organized and sophisticated look. We include inserts in the box. They play the function of dividers and provide sufficient space for each part of the ties. There are kraft, cardboard, and foam inserts. Foam inserts have exclusive usage. They are included in gift or display tie boxes.

Die Cuts with PVC sheet:

It’s already mentioned that ties come in various fabrics, shapes, colors, and designs. Thus, the custom tie box with die-cut windows provides the visual concept of the ties, like their color and fabric. Moreover, die-cut boxes also give enough space for customization.


Ties packed in a creative design gift box are an amazing way to express affection towards loved ones.  You can surprise the giftee with the adornment of a gift box by applying multi-color ribbons, bows and stickers, etc.

The Most Suitable Material Options for Magnificent Tie Box Packaging:

The tie is one of the luxurious apparel items. This is evident that it requires quality packaging. The possibility of quality packaging is attainable by using premium quality stock. The rising threats of climate change have created awareness among brands and consumers regarding the significance of green packaging.  This is why we ensure that sturdy and biodegradable materials are used to meet the client’s needs.    We make use of top-quality substrate for the construction of tie boxes wholesale. Our stock options include kraft, cardboard, and rigid.  Three of these papers are entirely eco-friendly and recyclable. Cardboard and rigid are in great demand as they are practicable to innumerable personalized options.  Rigid boxes are favorable for display, promotional, or gift tie boxes.   These are available in both collapsible and non-collapsible forms. You can opt for whichever seems suitable to you. 

Get The Opportunity of Availing Discounts on Bulk Tie Orders:

Needed custom tie boxes in bulk quantity but worried about the quality of the boxes.  Having apprehensions regarding the box’s quality while buying online is very genuine. But we have got your backs. Our company is one of the most trustable packaging suppliers. We have won the trust of the majority by offering quality services at reasonable prices.  Our quality will be the same whether you order in bulk or in short. Besides quality services, we benefit our clients with exclusive discounts on bulk orders.

Reasons for Choosing iCustomBoxes:

This is the must-rise question in mind why choose us? How do we differ from our competitors? The answer is our state-of-the-art services at very cost-effective prices.  Our company has earned name and fame by winning customer trust and providing 100% satisfactory services.  Moreover, our company creates convenience for clients in the following ways:

  • Free shipment
  • Zero plates and die-cut charges
  • Free digital mock-ups
  • Live chat facility
  • Technical assistance
  • Free quote facility

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