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The top MCSE Training Centre in dubai is provided by Besant Technologies, which also employs the most qualified personnel. Our lecturers have more experience in MNCs working with MCSE and associated technologies. We provide MCSE Training in Dubai in a more practical manner since we are aware of the needs of the industry. Our team of MCSE instructors provides MCSE corporate training, MCSE online training, and MCSE in-classroom instruction. We designed our curriculum to align with the needs of both entry-level and advanced students in the actual world. Depending on the needs of the participant, either a weekday or weekend program will be used for our instruction.

Free Live Videos and Free Webinars are available.

Dubai MCSE Training

The Best MCSE Training in Dubai is Available Online

We do provide One-to-One MCSE Training and Fast-Track MCSE Training in Dubai. the principal subjects we discuss under this Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure, Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure, Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional, and Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2 Every topic will be addressed with examples in a highly practical manner.

Besant Technologies has locations around Dubai. We are the top training facility in Dubai that provides MCSE training that is certification-focused. At the conclusion of our courses, our participants will be qualified to pass any form of interview. We are assembling a group of MCSE instructors and students for their potential future support and assistance with the subject.

The emphasis of our training will also be on helping with placements. We have professionals on a separate HR team who will handle all of your interview needs. Our course costs for MCSE training in Dubai are really affordable when compared to others. The only MCSE training facility that allows video reviews of all of its pupils is ours. Below, we also included the start date and course times.

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MCSE Instruction Key Elements

Besant Technologies has more than 9 branches with professional trainers that provide MCSE training in Dubai.

These are the main characteristics:

30+ Hours of Instruction

100% Industry-Related Expert Faculty for Job-Oriented Training

Free Trial Class Accessible

500+ Completed Batches of Certification Advice

Training Batch Schedule for MCSE

The schedule for our branches’ MCSE training courses in Dubai may be found below. Please let us know if this timetable doesn’t work out for you. We’ll make an effort to set up suitable times based on your interests.

Weekdays Regular (1-1:30 hours of class time) / Per Session 06-07-2023 Starts 8:00 AM (IST) on Thursday (Monday through Friday).Course Costs 10-07-2023 Commences 8:00 AM (IST) on Monday (Monday through Friday)Tuition fees

Sunday Regular (3 hours of instruction) / Per Session 08-07-2023 Starts This Saturday at 11:00 AM (IST) (Saturday through Sunday)Tuition fees

Weekend Fast-track (Class 6 hours to 7 hours) / Starts on August 7, 2023, This weekend (Saturday and Sunday) 10:00 AM (IST)Tuition fees

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MCSE Course Syllabus

Keeping a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 up and running:

Taking charge of users, machines, and groups

Configure shared folder access

Taking Care of the Server Environment

Control infrastructure for software updates

keep track of the file and print servers

Utilize IIS to manage a Web server.

Control fundamental disks and dynamic disks

Install and set up server hardware components

Managing and Putting Disaster Recovery into Practice

Control backup processes and backup recovery

Repair server hardware issues

Setting up, running, and maintaining a network infrastructure for Microsoft Windows Server 2003:

Implementation, Management, and Upkeep of IP Addresses

Use DHCP to set up TCP/IP addressing on a server computer.

Using DNS servers to Implement, Manage, and Maintain Name Resolution

Putting into Action, Managing, and Maintaining Remote access and routing

Set up the protocols for remote access authentication.

implement safe inter-private network access

Control remote access routing and routing interfaces

Upkeep of the Network Infrastructure

Planning and implementing server roles and server security is part of running a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 network infrastructure.

Building, Using, and Maintaining a Network Infrastructure Building, Using, and Maintaining Remote access and routing

Server availability planning, implementation, and maintenance

Organizing and Upkeep Planning, deploying, and maintaining security infrastructure is important for network security.

Maintaining an Active Directory Infrastructure for Microsoft Windows Server 2003:

Setting Up an Active Directory Infrastructure

Examine the effects of network traffic when deciding where to put global catalog servers.

Analyze whether it is necessary to enable global group caching.

Planning and implementing an Active Directory Infrastructure Management Strategies for users, computers, and groups

Create a plan for user authentication.

Create a plan for smart card authentication.

Construct an OU structure.

Organizing and Executing Company Policy

Keeping track of and managing group policy

Investigate the use of Group Policy security settings.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Installation, Configuration, and Administration:

Windows XP Professional Installation, Implementation, and Execution Management of Resources

Control and troubleshoot shared folder access

Access local and network printing resources

Implementing Hardware Devices and Drivers and Troubleshooting

Observing and Enhancing Performance and Reliability of the System

Setting Up and Fixing the Desktop Environment

Putting in place, directing, and resolving network protocols and services

Setting up, overseeing, and resolving issues Security

Setup, administration, and troubleshooting of Internet Explorer security parameters

Installing, setting up, and managing Windows 2000 Professional from Microsoft: How to install Windows 2000 Professional

Putting into Practice and management of resources

Implementing Hardware Devices and Drivers and Troubleshooting

Monitoring and enhancing the efficiency and dependability of the system

Setting Up and Fixing the Desktop Environment

Putting in place, directing, and resolving network protocols and services

Putting into practice, observing, and resolving Security

Developing the Conceptual Design for a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure by Collecting and Examining Business and Technical Requirements

Making an Active Directory Infrastructure’s logical design

Making a Network Services Infrastructure’s logical design

Making the physical design for a network infrastructure and an Active Directory

Design and deploy a DNS service.

Make a plan for NetBIOS name resolving.

Create a company’s network and routing topology.

Create Internet access for a business.

Designing Security for a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network: Gathering and Examining Business and Technical Requirements to Develop the Conceptual Design for Network Infrastructure Security

A logical design for network infrastructure security has been created.

The physical design for network infrastructure security has been created.

Construct a PKI that makes advantage of Certificate Services.

Create security for network administration Create wireless network security

For Internet Information Services (IIS), create user authentication

Create security for network communication

Creating a Data Access Control Strategy

Construction of the Client Infrastructure Security Physical Design

Installing, setting up, and managing Enterprise Edition of Microsoft’s Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000:

Installing the ISA Server The ISA Server can be installed in integrated, firewall, and cache modes.

Configuring and resolving issues Services for ISA Server

Set up and address issues with external Internet connections

H 323 Gatekeeper configuration for audio and video conferencing

Set up and fix access to a virtual private network (VPN)

Setting up, overseeing, and resolving issues Rules and Policies

Create and configure bandwidth and access restriction policies.

Organize ISA Server arrays in an organization.

Setting up, configuring, and resolving client computer issues

Analyzing, Managing, and Monitoring Use of ISA Server

Investigate security and network use issues

Installing, setting up, and managing Enterprise Edition of Microsoft SQL Server 2000:

Setup and Configuration of SQL Server 2000

the switch to SQL Server 2000

Establish a linked server.

Put network libraries in place.

Investigate faulty installations

Making databases for SQL Server 2000

Add and remove databases

Make changes to databases to carry out catastrophe recovery procedures

Taking care of, keeping an eye on, and troubleshooting SQL Server 2000 databases

Data Transformation and Extraction Using SQL Server 2000

Organizing and Controlling Secure SQL Server 2000

Managing, Observing, and Resolving 2000 SQL Server

Create, oversee, and resolve issues jobs for SQL Server Agent

Using traces, keep an eye on SQL Server system activities.

Utilize System Monitor to keep track of SQL Server system activity.

Organizing and Executing Exchange Server 2003 by Microsoft

installing, configuring, and resolving issues 2003 Exchange Server

Set up the environment so that Exchange Server 2003 may be deployed.

Install, set up, and resolve issues 2003 Exchange Server

Exchange Server 2003 should be upgraded from Exchange Server 5

Transfer your existing messaging data to Exchange Server 2003

Set up Exchange 2003 so that it may communicate with other SMTP messaging systems.

Computers for managing, observing, and troubleshooting Exchange Server

Perform backups, recoveries, and troubleshooting

Control, observe, and resolve data storage issues

Control and fix issues with public folders

Control and resolve issues with virtual servers

control and resolve issues with both front-end and back-end servers

Security Management in the Exchange Environment

Managing Address Lists and Recipient Objects

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Dubai MCSE Training

The capital and biggest IT hub in the UAE is Dubai. The phrase “Silicon Valley of UAE” describes it. All of the leading IT firms in the world are centered in Dubai. SAP, Amazon, Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, TCS, IBM, Oracle, and Google are notable businesses. If you want to pursue a profession in the field of OS & Server, this MCSE training in Dubai will boost your confidence.

All of our participants will receive extensive hands-on instruction that is more practical. We have several locations in this lovely city to provide the best MCSE Training in Dubai. Find a quick and trustworthy learning partner to advance your profession. To make the aforementioned happen, Besant Technologies Dubai would be the best option. To receive a standardized quote for MCSE Training as soon as possible, call us or complete the short inquiry form.

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