Microblading – Estimated Cost and Aftercare Tips

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Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique involving a special tool to design the eyebrow. This procedure is performed by expert technicians and improves the appearance of one’s eyebrows by enhancing their texture and colour giving natural yet sharp and beautiful eyebrows.

Microblading involves procedures similar to tattooing but unlike the latter, it is not permanent. The best microblading Melbourne technique usually can last between 18-30 months depending on factors like a person’s skin type, skin compatibility with the pigment applied, and the maintenance of the texture.

Going through microblading

The best microblading Melbourne procedure begins by cleaning the brow area by threading the hairs followed by the application of numbing gel for around 30 minutes to reduce the pain. Then the artist takes the measurement taking account of the face shape, symmetry, and other facial features. The procedure ends with the crucial needling stage and concludes by cleaning up the area worked upon.

A top-up is required post-procedure, usually done after 6-8 weeks. This is done as your eyebrows may change colour and texture, which is not to be feared as this is toned during the top-up session. Also, if any client wants to get a darker tone, that is done by adding more strokes and hence increased pigmentation

The aftercare

Just after the procedure, one may observe changes like a darker shade of the brow than expected and the underlying skin will appear to be red and sensitive. Also, one should run a sterilized cotton swab across the area worked upon, making the excess dye wash out and also keeping the area clean and sterile. It takes approximately. a fortnight for the skin of the brow area to recover back and the pigment takes up the desired shade.

Some tips to be followed after the procedure of microblade are:

  • Avoid the hair to get in contact with the brow line
  • Keeping a distance from the water to get into the area also avoids getting into activities like sauna, swimming, and excessive sweating unless the area is completely healed
  • Do not wear any make-up for at least 10 days, and also avoid touching the brow area.
  • You may apply any medicated creams or ointments as prescribed by the technician to heal the underlying skin.

The Cost of microblading.

The objective behind microblading eyebrows is to provide individual, natural-looking strokes of hair of desired shade and patterns. The cost of the best microblading Melbourne usually ranges from 400$ – 600$.

Being a costly procedure, many individuals feel hesitant about undertaking microblading. But, considering the amount of talent and expertise that goes in, along with the loads of benefits that come with microblading which include improved confidence of the individual, makes this procedure worthy of the price.

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