Download Popular PC Video Games for Windows Devices

popular pc video games

Have you owned a PC or Laptop? Yes, then you must install pc video games on a device. There are a number of pc video games are available on the internet which you easily install for windows system. If you face difficulty to find popular pc games then you need to check out this complete article till the end. Play pc game with headphones to listen to clear sound in the game. Check the ocean of games website to find the best pc games in the latest version download link.

Granny Game

Granny game download for pc free to play horror game on single-player game mode. In this game player’s character granny locked you in the house. And to escape from the house you need to solve the puzzle element. Different ways are to escape from the house such as unlocking the main door with keys, getting into the garage and moving by car, remove locks of the sewer tunnel. Be aware of granny because she can listen to little sounds clearly. And if she can catch you then the game s over at that point. There are four different difficulty levels which you can choose Normal, Hard, Easy, and Extreme. Each difficulty level has different because if you select a hard level then granny comes near you faster and you do not get enough time to get resources to unlock the door.  

Squad Game

Squad is a tactical shooting video game which is published by Offworld Industries. If you want to play a shooting game in multiplayer game mode then Squad game download for free and play the game on a pc windows system. This game is playable in two teams and each team has 9 players. You are the leader of your squad team and you have to control each player with certain instructions. Each player has to perform different tasks in order to complete the game with a win. This squad pc game was released in 2020 and now is becoming trending pc video games.

NFS MW 2005 Game

Need for speed most wanted 2005 is the most popular car racing video game for pc devices. There are thousands of daily active users of the NFS MW 2005 pc game. There are many different cars are available in the game and different missions you have to complete. The difficulty level is low which increases after the completion of every level. When you get enough money then you can buy new cars as well during the game. Play needs for speed 2005 game in single-player or multiplayer game mode for free. THis game supported different platforms such as playstation 2, PS portable, Xbox, Nintendo Ds, and Microsoft windows.

How to Download PC Video Games?

  1. Search game name on an internet browser
  2. Then open the oceanofgames website result
  3. Get the download button below in the article
  4. The process takes a few seconds so wait for it
  5. After downloading you need to install the game  
  6. Then you can play it on different pc platforms

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