Reasons To Install A Sump Pump In Your Basement

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Water damage is one of the most common problems faced by homeowners every year. Despite the nuisance and damage flooding and water damage causes, not many homeowners think about installing a sump pump in their basements. Ignoring installing a sump pump isn’t a wise thing because water problems lead to costly repairs. A sump pump is a highly effective tool for diverting flood or rainwater from the basement floor to the local storm drain or dry well. It can keep your basement dry and protect your home from devastating floods. Flooding and other water-related issues can cause damage worth thousands of dollars to property. Repairing damage caused by flooding is expensive because this type of damage compromises the structural integrity of your property. Plumbing issues and weather-related problems like heavy rainfall or pipes bursting due to freezing temperatures can wreak havoc. Things get even more stressful if you have standard insurance that does not typically cover flood damage.

Why Install a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is installed in a pit dug at the lowest point of a home. This submersible device is used to regulate groundwater and prevent it from flooding home. A sump pump automatically evacuates excess water before it can damage your home. To know more about this great device, let’s check out some benefits of installing a sump pump.

1.      Prevent Flooding & Water Damage

The primary purpose of using a sump pump is to prevent flood damage. It is immensely useful in events like torrential rains or pipe bursts during winter. Without a sump pump, your basement could get over a foot of water. Flooding not only ruins your belongings in the basement but also causes structural damage. But when you have a working sump pump in your basement, it significantly reduces the risk of any damage. Besides preventing flooding, it also reduces the risk of fire. This is because the appliances in your basement are wired to your home’s electrical system. When electrical appliances get exposed to water, there’s a risk of short-circuiting.

2.      Reduce Mildew & Mold

As you know, mold and mildew need damp and humid spaces to grow. Flooding makes the basement wet, the perfect breeding ground for mold. When water enters the basement or crawlspace, it also increases humidity. Mold and mildew can be harmful to your health, causing respiratory issues, skin irritation, or itchy eyes. It also undermines the structural integrity of your house. But when you install a sump pump, it prevents water damage and keeps your humidity levels under control, thereby reducing the risk of mold growth.

3.      Improve Property Value

Water damage can put your home’s foundation at risk. Water can create cracks and gaps in the foundation that can be quite expensive to repair. A sump pump can protect your home’s foundation, preventing the risk of damage or costly repairs. Your potential home buyers will appreciate this feature because nobody wants to invest in a property with a poor foundation.  Sump pumps prevent flooding that will improve your property’s value by making it safe.

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