Renew with Confidence A Comprehensive Car Insurance Renewal Guide

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Renewing your car insurance can be an exhausting task, but it is something that you cannot avoid. Car insurance is a legal requirement under The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Renewing your car insurance on time not only saves you from legal troubles but also secures your vehicle from any unforeseen events. In this article, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you with your car insurance renewal, including how you can check your vehicle registration on the Parivahan website.

Car Insurance Renewal

The car insurance renewal is a regular process that every car owner must go through. If you are planning to renew your car insurance, the first thing you need to do is assess your current policy. Check for the premium amount, coverage details, policy type, and expiry date. If you are not satisfied with the current coverage, you can choose to switch to another insurance provider.

Before you start looking for a new insurance provider, assess the value of your vehicle. Some insurance providers offer Car Insurance with IDV (Insured Declared Value) of up to 95% of the listed market value of the vehicle. If your car is more than three years old, it is ideal to check the current market value of your car before renewing your policy.


When renewing your car insurance, one of the most important documents you need to keep handy is your vehicle registration certificate. Parivahan is an online platform where you can access your vehicle registration certificate.

All you need to do is visit the Parivahan website, enter your Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) and confirm the one-time password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number. Once you have logged in, you can access your vehicle registration certificate, which contains essential information like the vehicle model, chassis number, and engine number.

Now that you have assessed your current policy and have all the necessary documents handy let’s take a look at the renewal process to help you renew with confidence.

 1. Reach Out to your Insurance Agent

 The first step in renewing your car insurance is to reach out to your current insurance agent. Most insurance providers offer a renewal reminder to their customers 30 days before the policy expiry date. In case you have missed the renewal reminder, you can call the customer service agent to assist you with the renewal process.

 While speaking to your insurance agent, enquire about the renewal process and ask about the available options to enhance your current coverage policy. Sometimes a little negotiation can lead to a better deal, so don’t hesitate to ask for an additional discount.

 2. Evaluate your Options

 Before you renew your policy with your current insurance provider, assess the market to understand what different insurance providers have to offer. Check out the premium amounts, coverage details, policy types, and the claim settlement process offered by different insurance providers.

 Check the insurer’s reputation and customer reviews. Read customer reviews to understand their experience with the insurer, especially the claim settlement process. You can also enquire with your family and friends to learn about their experiences with different insurance providers.

 3. Car Insurance Claims

 One of the primary factors to consider when renewing your policy is the insurer’s claim settlement process. Check the claim settlement ratio, which indicates the insurer’s ability to settle claims. Choose an insurance provider with a high claim settlement ratio to ensure a smooth claims settlement process in case of an unfortunate event.

 4. Online Renewal

 Renewing your policy online is a convenient and hassle-free process. Visit your insurance provider’s website and click on the ‘Renewal’ button. Enter the policy details and the premium amount to pay. Online payments are secure and come with multiple payment options like net banking, credit cards, and debit cards.

 5. Premium Payment

 When renewing your policy, check for any available discounts and offers. Sometimes, insurance providers offer discounts to customers who opt for online premium payment. You can also check for long-term policy options. Long-term policies provide coverage for up to three years and can save you up to 20% of the premium amount.

 6. Policy Endorsement

 It is essential to review your policy documents before finalizing the renewal process. Check whether the coverage details are accurate and match your requirements. In case of any change in your personal details or vehicle details, inform your insurance agent to update the policy documents.

 7. Online Endorsement

 With the latest technology, insurers have made policy endorsement hassle-free. Visit your insurance provider’s website and click on the ‘Policy Endorsement’ button. Enter the updated details and submit the necessary documents online.

 8. Timely Renewal

 Finally, renew your policy on time to avoid any legal troubles. Driving an uninsured car can lead to a fine of Rs. 2000 and imprisonment of up to 3 months. Renew your policy before the expiry date to ensure continuous coverage and prevent any legal hassles.


Renewing your car insurance is a vital process to secure your vehicle from any unforeseen events. Read the policy documents thoroughly and evaluate your options before you finalize the renewal process. Follow the steps mentioned above to renew your policy confidently. Don’t forget to renew your policy on time and avoid any legal troubles.

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