Shopify vs Your Own Website: Which One to Invest in Web Development Agency Liverpool?

Shopify vs your website

If you haven’t yet jumped into the Shopify eCommerce fight, 2023 might be the year you start thinking about an online venture. Assist business owners in creating an online store developed by the web development agency Liverpool. Now, over a million businesses have been established on this incredibly popular platform. In the meanwhile, you can utilize your own website to sell goods, write blogs, offer entertainment, etc. To make it simpler for comparison, we’re only going to concentrate on the eCommerce perspective to support your decision-making about the internet business venture you have in the works.

Comparison: Online Shopify Development Liverpool vs eCommerce Custom Website

Easy Beginning

Starting with Shopify is easier for practically everyone than creating a store from scratch. Some of the explanations are as follows:

Access to Domains and Hosting

With Shopify development Liverpool, retailers can forget about selecting a hosting company or purchasing a new name. You can purchase a unique domain or get a free one. You are entirely free to decide.

Require an Understanding of Coding

Retailers can effortlessly create their online store from scratch without any coding experience. It offers you back-end features to build your store gradually.

CMS (Content Management System) Platform

With Shopify, retailers can easily modify the appearance of their store at any time thanks to the pre-built eCommerce designs. It also provides you with a specialized analytics dashboard that shows you data that can guide any upcoming marketing plans. You should think about setting up a CMS for managing your blog and website while creating your own website. Also, you might need to install an eCommerce plugin in order to modify your online store created by a web development agency Liverpool.

How Long to Build an Online Store?

Speaking of time savings, Shopify is once again the champion. Merchants may open their stores on Shopify with only a few easy steps. Moreover, Shopify provides a 14-day free trial so that users may experiment with the software and gain a thorough understanding of it before making a choice.

Website Theme and Design

The Shopify Theme Store has a large selection of themes that retailers may choose from to fit the look of their desired online presence. Shopify themes are naturally built specifically for online shopping. The whole list of responsive, speed-optimizing, and mobile-friendly site layouts is advantageous to sellers. In the long run, if you want a complex alteration for an online store with help of Shopify development Liverpool, you must experiment with the liquid code to achieve your desired results.

Shopify offers sellers a wide range of options. Here are a few of the best features of the web development agency Liverpool:

Fraud evaluation:As Shopify can collect proof for any disputed charges, this aids in the identification of fake orders and lowers chargebacks.

Payment service providers: Shopify offers the PCI (Payment Card Industry) certified Shopify Payments capability. You can also utilize other payment processors, but you will have to pay transaction costs.

Apps: You can discover these plugins in the online store with web development agency Liverpool if you want to expand the functionality of your Shopify store or integrate third-party services. For example, if you want to create a fully personalized Shopify, take a look at PageFly.

Third-Party Services

As was already said, Shopify supports a vast selection of third-party applications that help with marketing, SEO, inventory tools, and a tonne more.

Shopify is regarded as an “all-in-one package” that can provide merchants with a wide range of eCommerce options. The platform allows for the integration of sales channels if you wish to expand your audience (like Amazon or Facebook). Even better, Shopify POS enables retailers to blend in-person and online sales. It’s a different story with your personalized website. To locate the best eCommerce plugins and extensions for your online store with the help of web development agency development Liverpool, a significant amount of time and money are needed for research.

Maintenance and Updates

Persistence is a virtue that must be practiced, along with ongoing upkeep and improvement. Shopify makes everything accessible. Stores run seamlessly with any platform and are automatically updated to the most recent version.

The best option is to have or employ a development team from the web development agency Liverpool to achieve that if you lack significant technical understanding. Shopify development Liverpool once again reigns supreme in terms of security. It offers an SSL certificate that can safeguard your consumers as well as yourself.

Customer Support

Shopify provides round-the-clock live chat, phone, or email support. Merchants can search the Shopify Help Center’s online database if they require additional assistance or information. You can consult the Shopify Academy, and Blog. Or start a conversation in the Community for educational materials on how to expand your store.

The learning resources for your own website can be obtained from Google, YouTube, forums, videos, blogs, tweets, etc. Although there is no end to the variety of resources, the absence of a single source makes it difficult to quickly locate what you’re looking for the top-notch web development agency Liverpool.


Shopify is unquestionably the solution if you are a beginner in the eCommerce industry and are looking for a simple way to launch your online store in the least amount of time. But, having a custom-built store is a terrific option if you’re an ambitious merchant searching for uniqueness and freedom in customization in the long run. But keep in mind to choose a helpful platform that can support eCommerce objectives with the help of Shopify development Liverpool.

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