The Top Social Media Marketing Tools That You Should Know

The Top Social Media Marketing Tools That You Should Know

More than 90% of businesses around the world grow the exposure of their brand with the help of social media. And the reason for this is quite simple – social media is the best way to interact with a large audience, which leads the way for businesses to build trust and great relationships with online users as well as generate leads. 

Social media marketing is a rather contradictory space. It feels like any unprofessional lad can do it. But in reality, especially for businesses, it takes a lot to post anything on social media, like existing content, talking to people, and staying relevant in the feeds of users. It may sound like a task for any kid, but when it comes to social media marketing for brands or businesses who are looking to scale their business growth, you need a professional social media marketer from a top digital marketing agency. And the reason is a professional marketer knows all the ins and outs of the space.

This is why if you’re looking to make full use of one of the most amazing digital solutions, then it is better to reach out only to professionals. They have all the tools and tactics to make your brand’s visibility more powerful. In this article, we’ll let you know some of the amazing tools for social media marketing.

So, read more and learn how top marketers are making the most out of them.


It has been years since Buffer is in used by a number of professional marketers. It enables marketers to quickly put social media posts in the queue in order to schedule them on various platforms. Buffer has categorized its product into three main categories, which are published, replied to, and analyzed. You can select the plan which suits you better as per your current marketing needs.

Recently, Buffer has introduced a new feature that enables marketers to include the first comment with scheduled Instagram posts. Many advanced features that third-party tools integrate; Buffer provides.

When it comes to its pricing, you can get it for just $6/month per social media channel with unlimited posts. You can also add another channel for the same amount.

It is a cloud-based customer experience management and SMM tool that features options for social media engagement, publishing content, listening, measuring, and customer data management. 

For any marketer, it is a versatile social media management tool that works best for a solopreneur or a digital marketing services agency. You can use this tool for monthly planning across a variety of social media channels.

They also empower marketers with a Social Inbox feature which is an addition to their social monitoring and listening. don’t have an Influencer Search feature; still, it is a fully-encompassed solution that is more likely to serve businesses of any size or niche. 


Talkwalker is a corporate-level social media marketing tool that is undoubtedly one of the most robust in the space of social media marketing. It comes with a huge range of filters, sub-filters, and channel coverage.

It not only works best for social media, blogs, news sites, and forums but also serves amazingly well for broadcasting, TV, and print. The data available is immeasurable as it combines essential information from social media and Google Analytics, sentiment analysis, and image recognition in order to show the most accurate analysis report on nearly every aspect of the users or audience.

Furthermore, Talkwalker works best for teams of marketers, as it makes tasking in teams easily. It empowers them to manage a seamless workflow within an agency or a department and easily share important data across departments.


It is another amazing social media management tool that carries out both re-sharing your social content and optimizing social traffic. Working with your brand’s Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles through a web plugin empowers you to keep your social media channels populated with social media posts and check in from the location you’re using your mobile phone. It also allows you to schedule content re-sharing and traffic monitoring while optimizing the return on investment of your digital assets and boosting engagement.

When you put your evergreen content out there, you can easily increase your social traffic and boost engagement. Furthermore, it also has a category-based scheduling feature that allows you to blend various types of content so your online audience never gets offended.

Bottom Line

So, these are some of the social media marketing tools that are doing wonders for businesses that want to accelerate in the social media realm.

There are also many other great tools out there, with fresh ones always popping up. The key is to find the right tool that supports your SMM efforts and invest timely. In this age of modern digital solutions, don’t worry about adding new tools to your social kit, and also don’t discard the old ones.

Above all, it is better to get in touch with a professional digital marketing services company that has all the tools and marketers that can take your business to a whole new level.

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