Tips To Follow While Cleaning Your Mountain Bike

cleaning your mountain bike

We love cycling and the thing which makes it possible—bikes. Irrespective of the trail, route or road, all types of bikes need maintenance and a lot of care. We tend to care a bit extra for them, pamper them and ensure we have all the right tools ready to cater to their “issues.” This article will help you understand all the boosters your mountain bike will need to remain as solid as it was during purchase. 

Took your mountain bike out for a ride? So, obviously, you will have to get to clean, especially post cycling through rough and mountainous terrains, roads or even forests. Bikes get dirty and filthy, therefore, require washing and, at times, deep cleaning too. It is not always that we hand over our bikes to a garage. Sometimes we choose to do it on our own too.  

Well, here is a look into the grave mistakes you must avoid while cleaning your mountain bike: 

Be Clothed For The Job

You must be clothed rightly to clean your bike. Cleaning can get messy, and none of us would want to soil our pretty clothes with dirt, mud or grease. Therefore, it is best you wear clothes that you can afford to wash or the ones that you can dirty. Also, don’t miss out on wearing gloves, and if you’re handling sharp or heavy tools, consider wearing shoes before getting your hands dirty. 

Overuse Of Lube/Grease

Sometimes, we feel using too much of a product might better our experiences. We must never overdo it. And check all the issues before applying any kind of lubricant or grease. Sometimes, the wrong kind of lubricant might not solve the problem in your mountain bike. 

Use Of Bad Quality Products

It is always advised to never compromise on quality. It is best we invest in best-rated products and this way they stay for a longer time and do not require to be replaced. The longevity and durability of the cleaning products also depend on how they are stored. The above pointers are mandatory to follow. In addition to this, one essential factor to be considered is changing the bike chain from time to time and maintaining it from rust and corrosion in the best way possible. Remember, mountain bike chains contribute majorly to improving a bike’s performance. 

Check Your Tire’s Pressure

Since you’ll be racing across rough terrains during a mountain biking trip, it is best to keep the tire pressure in check. It should not be too high or too low. Ensure you keep a check on it by keeping factors like weight, terrain, and riding style in mind. 

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  • You need not add a lot of foam to clean your bike. A moderate amount of lather with water is enough. 
  • You can use a brush with soft bristles plus firm ones to clean accordingly, depending on the kind of stain and dirt. Make sure you remove all the debris, grass particles and other dirt. During the process, check for any puncture or damage to your bike.  
  • Rise. Repeat the whole process and rinse one more time. 
  • After rinsing, give a final check for damages. 
  • After drying, do not miss out on polishing your bike and all the parts of it. Make sure no water remains on it. 
  • You can even do a regular check of your bike to improve its performance by adding a lubricant or grease. 
  • It is a must to remove the excess product from your mountain bike. 

What next?

Is there a ride upcoming? Then going over your bike’s brakes, bolts, gears, wheels, and suspension should be a must at least sometime before the journey. If it’s an important and long one, then surely, you’ve got to prepare yourself and the bike in advance. 

Test rides! Take that test ride before you go on that long-awaited journey. It will help you understand and fathom how comfortable you will be in the upcoming journey and make any last-minute adjustments, if necessary. 

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