Victony US402 Extender setup

The Victony US402 extender setup is easy to set up. Connect the extender to a power outlet close to your router first. Use your device to establish a WiFi connection with the extender. Next, launch a web browser and type, or ap.setup by default. Use the default username and password to log in, which are often admin for both. Choose your current WiFi network and expand it by following the setup tutorial. After adjusting the parameters, watch for the extender to restart. In order to guarantee ideal coverage, check the strength of the WiFi signal in wider areas.

Victony US402 Wifi Range Extender setup-Manual Guide

  1. Connect to the network of the Victony US 402 WiFi Extender by plugging it in.
  2. or ap.setup should be entered in the address bar of an open internet browser.
  3. Use the default login information.
  4. To extend your current WiFi network, choose it and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. If necessary, apply the settings and watch for the extender to reboot.
  6. To make sure WiFi is covered in large regions, check the strength of the signal.

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Victony US402 Wifi Extender setup-WPS Guide

  1. The Victony US402 Extender should be connected in and placed close to your router.
  2. On the extender, press the WPS button.
  3. Press the WPS button on your router within two minutes.
  4. Hold off until the extender’s WPS LED stops blinking and solid.
  5. If needed, move the extender to provide better coverage.
  6. WPS is now configured on your Victony US 402 WiFi Extender.

How do I login to Victony US402?

  1. Join the WiFi network of the Victony US 402 extender.
  2. Launch a web browser.
  3. Enter or in the address bar.
  4. If prompted, log in with the default password and username.
  5. Go to the login screen.
  6. Put in your credentials.
  7. Victony US 402 is now open to you.

How do I update the Victony US402 Extender Firmware?

  1. Go to the Victony website and get your extender’s most recent firmware.
  2. Link into the WiFi network of the extender.
  3. or should be typed in the address bar of an open internet browser.
  4. Go to the settings page of the extender.
  5. Go to the area for firmware updates.
  6. Upload the firmware file that you downloaded.
  7. To finish the update, follow the displayed instructions.

Victony US402 Extender-Reset process

  1. Find your Victony US402 extender’s reset button.
  2. For 10 or 15 seconds, tap the reset key.
  3. When the LED lights begin to blink, release the reset button.
  4. Await the reboot and factory reset of the extender.
  5. Adjust the settings of your extender as necessary.
  6. The reset of your Victony US 402 extender has been completed.

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