What Have Changed With Muslim Weddings

Wedding traditions across the world is an interesting topic. Muslim marriages are uniquely intriguing with some amazing ceremonies. As per the latest practices, the bride and groom getting married first ask their parents what customs they have to follow. During modern times, the wedding candidates are also seen giving their suggestions freely and together the families decide on the events and arrangements that will go into the wedding. In majority cases, Muslim weddings take place in the bride’s house or at the mosque.

Latest trends in Muslim marriages
In the past, Muslim marriages had been simple events with just a few close relatives attending the event. But, things have changed now. Destination wedding has also become popular among Muslims. Even across destination weddings, the wedding ceremony will take place in the mosque and only the reception or the Walima party will be organized in a grand fashion.

Fun loving and peppy Muslim youth of our times prefer special parties before the actual wedding. Gazal night has now become a very common event across Muslim weddings. If you want to discover some interesting and engaging ways to make your Muslim wedding interesting, consult your friends and contacts who have already organized their weddings in some interesting ways.

Brides continue to go for jobs after marriage
The popular belief feels Muslim community is still more conservative than most others. In reality, several changes have crept inside Muslim community and a lot of Muslim brides continue to work after their marriage. A lot of them get better salaries than their husbands and a number of well-educated Muslim women are occupying some good job roles.

Till sometime back, Mehar was deemed compulsory. These days, things have changed a lot. Muslims give depending on their financial status and preferences. The image of women in the Muslim society has changed significantly. Considering them as their better half, Muslim grooms take part in household work after marriage in order to help their life partner.

In the Muslim community, it is elders of the family who decide on the wedding dates. Nevertheless, the boy and the girl to be wedded are also given a chance these days to comment on their preferences. It has become very common to take their ideas in deciding on the events and dates of the weddings.

Feast at the bride’s home
After the wedding, the bride’s mother is expected to give a lavish feast in her home. But, this practice has changed now. People get very busy getting on with their regular routines and hence wedding feasts have become simple affairs. So, many things have changed with Muslim weddings. The modern outlooks have helped transform some customs and traditions and the community’s openness to invite any good change has become instrumental in seeing some positive changes across Muslim marriages.

Take away
Whatever be your preferences with regard to your wedding, it is important to do some elaborate homework and stage a memorable event for your Muslim marriage. Book an accomplished Muslim wedding photographer well in advance to avoid last minute disappointments.

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