What to Look for When Buying Gold Jewelry

When it comes to fine jewelry, you have plenty of options- gold, diamond, platinum, silver, pearls, and many precious stones. Whether you prefer diamond rings or want a necklace with precious stones, one thing is common in all jewelry- metal. Gold (yellow or white) is most commonly used to create the band or base of the ring and other pieces of jewelry. This precious metal is popular all around the world for crafting fine jewelry. Gold is the most favored jewelry material because it not only looks royal but also acts as a great investment option. For many people, gold is also an investment option. From weddings to some special moments, gold is a versatile fashion accessory that also provides a good return on investment. So, if you’re planning to buy precious jewelry, investing in gold can be a wise decision. It not only looks amazing but also provides financial security.

People buy gold for different reasons. For some, it’s a symbol of elegance while some see it as future money. No matter what reason you may have, almost everyone desires to own gold. So, if you’re also planning to buy a piece of jewelry, gold can be a smart choice. However, when looking for gold jewelry, don’t make a haste decision. Whether you want gold pendant, ring, or earrings, you can find thousands of designs online. However, buying a gold ring or chain isn’t the same as ordering a dress or shoes. Gold jewelry is expensive and you need some recent information to get your hands on the right quality and price. Due to its high price, some sellers deal in counterfeit gold to deceive buyers. To make sure you’re getting pure gold and quality product, make sure to consider the following factors when buying gold jewelry.

Metal Purity

Before you start looking for gold jewelry, learn some basics such as gold weight and purity. The purity of this precious metal is an important factor in the overall price of the jewelry. Whether you want to buy a gold coin or ornament, you will find products rated in terms of Karat which is the ratio of gold and other metals. Karat refers to the percentage of gold in the alloy that determines its purity. 24K is the highest form of gold purity. You can also find gold jewelry between 14K to 18K purity which is relatively low cost.

Gold Rate

Gold price is not the same around the globe. Its price varies from country to country and even differs in each city. Many factors are responsible for varying gold costs such as import costs, demand, taxes, transportation costs, and more. For instance, you can find gold rates lower in port cities than in cities far away. So, the day you plan to buy the gold, don’t forget to check rates in your area. The price also keeps fluctuating, so it makes sense to keep an eye on the prices and invest when rates are lowest. Besides gold cost, the overall cost of the jewelry also includes making charges. While the gold rate is fixed for the day, making charges vary and you can even bargain on making charges. If you’re buying gold for investment purposes only, gold coins or bars are a better option to avoid making charges.


You may wonder how to check the purity of the item. It’s not easy to distinguish a real piece of gold from a counterfeit product. For this reason, it’s best to invest in hallmark jewelry that comes with certification.

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