Why Should You Invest In A New Labelling Machine?

print and applying labeler

Getting a new print and applying labeler machine is the best decision for your business. However, you must consider whether getting the advanced labeling machine will benefit your brand and improve your bottom line. Most companies have a policy of not investing in new technology unless necessary. However, it is also beneficial for brands to upgrade their old machinery to enhance the processes. Labeling machines have been on bounds and leaps in recent years, and the most advanced and latest models have numerous benefits for older machines. Whether you are using a fully automatic label application machine or the print and apply machine, we will talk about many reasons to invest in newer equipment in this article.

What Is A Labelling Machine?

A labeling machine labels different items, containers, products, or packages. Some machines are not only used for applying labels but also for printing them. There are different types of machines that you can buy such as that are completely automated, manual, or semi-automatic labeling machines.

Some label application machine machines are also made for labeling specified products or items, whereas other machines are made for a wide range of packages and containers there are many models available on the market that offers several benefits. You can also use the labeling machines for applying product information and shipping addresses, while other uses may be for applying prices and bar codes. Many companies also use specialized labeling machines that can apply or dispense different types of labels.

Reasons To Get A New Labelling Machine 

  • Better Service and Precision

The latest and upgraded labeling machines will always have benefits over the older ones; however, many businesses overlook and do not get them since they are not overly advantageous. 

Advanced labeling machines are more precise than the older versions and offer impeccable results every time. In other words, your products will be labeled appropriately without any issues, which can be costly to the business. 

If the current labeling machine needs a manual operation, there will always be a risk of human errors, particularly when the staff is distracted and tired. Upgrading to the automated labeling machine will ensure your labels are never crooked, wonky, or inconsistent. Advanced labeling machines are faster to operate, allowing you to make more products and enhancing the overall turnaround times.

  • New Technology in Print And Apply Labeller

The major benefit of new labeling machines is the better and more advanced technology. Advanced labeling machines have the most updated technologies, such as pre-programmed print runs, automation, and fast turnovers. 

These advanced modes will reduce the change over time and set-up costs. There have also been considerable developments in digital print and apply labeler machinesIt is usually more cost-effective than offset printing modes. Investing in and getting new technologies will allow you to reduce running costs and decrease the number of needed operators.

  • Reliable Labelling Machine

Unsurprisingly, older machines are more prone to errors and faults. Old machines can go through several issues, especially when used heavily. A common fault is that the label will not feed correctly, the applicators jam, and sensor failures. 

When the machined labeling fails in the middle of the process, it can cause several issues for your company. If you want to order the label and ship it quickly, but your existing machine is not working properly, then you will be at chances of a significant revenue loss. 

A new labeling machine will be reliable and will not fail when needed. Some of the latest machines also come with a 12-month warranty, where you will get free service contracts to ensure that your equipment works without any issues.

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